A peek inside Quebec City

If you are a regular reader here, you would know by now that most of our holidays happen without any prior planning. We decide and go just in the last minute. So like every other time, our bags weren’t packed. The hotels weren’t booked. We did not know French. There was a snow storm on our way and frigid winter temperature was in place. But we expected our holiday to start as-per-our-last-minute-plan.

Since our anniversary fell on a weekday this year, we couldn’t do much. So, we decided to opt for a weekend getaway. At around 1 PM on Friday, we decided to go to Quebec City, Canada. It was a 6 hr drive from home. 

I left from work at around 2:30 PM. It took me almost 1/2 an hour to clean the snow from my car. It was difficult. In frustration, I sent an angry message to Lemon and started driving home. How the message went to my boss instead of Lemon is another story. Lets leave it at that.

Below is how the roads looked-like that day.


As soon as I reached home, I decided to pack dinner for us while Lemon cleaned the snow from our driveway. To my surprise, we finished everything we wanted to do just in time and left home around 5:30 PM. 

We drove for about 4.5 hrs and stayed at a hotel for the night. Next morning, we reached Quebec City at around 12 PM. The french-speaking-city with European-style architecture was charming and beautiful.


The Parliament Hill



Old Quebec

We put on our big winter boots, layered up in winter suits, caps, mittens and scarves. The snow covered landscapes of the Plains of Abraham was brighten up by the sun and there was festive atmosphere all around the city.

The Carnaval de Quebec ~ The sleigh riding, the tube sliding, the snow sculptures, the music, the hot cocoas, the ski races and much more. It was all super awesome. Quebecers do know how to party in those frigid temperatures. 


The Ice Palace was absolutely enchanting. It is the home of the Bonhomme Carnival snowman.





Lemon and Lime had a blast dog sledging!

One of the other attractions we went to is Hotel de Glace. It had the fairy tale effect. 



Drinks on ice, definitely!


Sleeping on ice, No!! 😉


Montmorency FallsThis was another best spots in the Quebec.  This falls is located outside the downtown area. There were many ways to explore the falls – the Cable Car, the scenic several staircase, or the suspension bridge over the crest of the falls. While the Cable Car ride was smooth and gave us pretty nice view of the almost-frozen-falls, the suspension bridge offered fantastic sights of the Île d’Orléans and the Montmorency River.




Young or old, with company or not, everyone who goes to this city will experience the best. 

That's my baby Lime.. enjoying a walk in snow!

That’s my baby Lime.. enjoying a walk in snow!


14 responses to “A peek inside Quebec City

  1. Wowow beautiful pics.. quebec sure looks to be a beautiful city.. maybe one day will visit it…

  2. What a lovely post! Quebec city has always been on my list of places to visit..never thought it’d be so fun to visit in winter. I was in Scandinavia one winter almost a decade back. Your pics bring back so many memories. The ice palace and the winter carnival looks enchanting! Cant wait to take the family there!!!

  3. Wow.. This is just amazing.. The photos speak how much fun you guys must have had.. Awsome.. And what.. Th message went to the boss?? Lol.. Tell us about it.. Please please.. 😀

  4. Wow! Looks like you had a fun time. And equally impressive is your doing last minute vacations. I over plan all my trips ….it’s a borderline obsessive case.

  5. Wow… Quebecers do know a lot about partying !! Awesome photos Lavender 🙂

  6. Lovely pictures!!
    I want to go to Quebec city now, but in summer. We get enough snow in Edmonton 😉
    Last minute trips are great!!

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