DIY Craft Sticks Wall Art

You can find many fancy versions of this wall art at Etsy for $400 or more! But I did the same for a lot cheaper the past year from this post.

Frame – I couldn’t find a plain good wood frame at my local Michael’s store. But found this in the 70% clearance section.


It worked perfectly fine for what I wanted to do. We had the black spray paint that we used for this project. So, a quick one coat of spray paint worked just fine.


Scissors, Glue, Water Colors, Brush are some other stuff you would need. I used crayola water colors. But you can use any paint you want. 

A bunch of Craft Sticks – I had colored as well as plain sticks from Michael’s.


Then you paint. This took a little while since Lime wanted to participate in doing this project. It was fun.


Then you start laying them out. I measured the sticks that would fit the frame and cut them according. In the end I wanted them to look like patchwork. 


Then you glue them to the frame. Some sticks had curves, some were cut at a different angle but in the end I kind of liked the end product. 


I have hung this in our living room. The colors kind of matches with the Chindi Shag Rug I got from Pier 1 Imports. What say, people? Would you try this? 


4 responses to “DIY Craft Sticks Wall Art

  1. Wow. Super cool Lavender. Looks lovely

  2. It does look good.. so many colours wowow..

    I definitely wud have give it a try if I had not got two left hands..i am so bad at anything DIY.. I will probably mess this up tooo…

    But amazing idea..

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