HappiLy Ever AfteR…

This page is under construction. I am thinking of putting up one pic every month. Stay tuned !


November 2011 ~ @MA!

October 2011 ~ @NH!

September 2011 ~ @Yosemite!

August’11 ~ @ SFO!


July’11 ~ a casual pic @NY!

June’11 ~ @Pittsburg temple!

May’11 ~ Long weekend Trip!

April’11 ~ Lavender’s b’day fun!

*We wanted to pose the same ways during both of our b’days* :D

March’11 ~ Lemon’s b’day fun!

Feb’11 ~ One year Anniversary celebrations @ Florida!

Jan’11 ~ Snow Tubing @Mass!


Dec’10 ~ @Virginia Caves!

Nov’10 ~ @DC

Oct’10 ~ @Vermont

Sep’10 ~ @Maine

Aug’10 ~ @NH

July’10 ~ @Cape Cod. I love this pic. This was taken by my mum-in-law.

June’10 ~ @ Cliff Walk, RI

May’10 ~ @ Hawaii. Our best trip ever. We had a lot of fun.

Apr’10 ~ Lavender’s b’day fun!

March’10 ~ Lemon’s b’day fun @NY!

Feb’10 ~ tHe wEdDinG!


@home ~ Rgt b4 Lemon left fOr tHe Airport! Look at me. I look stupid. And look at him. His stupid hairstyle! He had worn a stupid shirt!! LOL.  And me?? Err.. no comments…

Sep 2009 ~ EnGaGeMenT

Aug 2009 ~ After a few months of online conversations, he finally came to India to meet me in August… This was our first click together taken in a Rickshaw in Delhi !! *We were on our way to Lotus Temple and of all other means of transportation, I wanted to travel by a rickshaw and so he took me.* Err.. no comments…. Every time I see this pic, I laugh. :P

2 responses to “HappiLy Ever AfteR…

  1. How am I seeing this page only now? So cute, it is! :)

  2. Nice idea! Lovely pics Lavendar :)
    Best wishes to you both!

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