A tale of smiles

I smile every morning as I walk into the kitchen and see the dish washer flashing green light called ‘Clean’. It makes me smile big. It tells me that Lemon did not forget to turn it on!

I smile every evening when Lime remembers to remove his shoes before walking into the home and when he hangs his jacket in the closet. It tells me he is growing up to do such stuff.

I smile each time I see a WhatsApp message from my mom. It tells me she has learnt to use the phone keyboard. What she types is not always right, but I can figure out what she is trying to say to me.

I smile each time Lily comes running to me pointing her finger at Lime. It tells me she is complaining about her brother. It tells me they are having fun.

We take billion pictures in each of our trip. Here’s one that makes me smile every time I see it



Wordless Wednesday 18


Flavorsome Tuesdays

First of all, I thank her for letting me know about the flavorsome Tuesday yummy blog updates.


Back in 2015, I blogged number themes that made the Blogathon easier. Now that I don’t have a plan, I thought doing a A-Z flavorsome Tuesday’s would be fun. I love food and it’s the basic need for anyone. After all, we are all what we eat, right?

I might write about anything related to food- my likes, dislikes, or even stories from my kitchen matching the alphabet-for-the-week.

So here we go –

A is for Angaya Podi

My mom made me have this every single day postpartum! According to her and my Grandma, this mix is loaded with health benefits. It’s good for gas; reduces pain, cools you, helps with digestion and many more. It’s so nutritious and healthy for women after delivery.

I have a love hate relationship with this. There were days I loved it when mom made me eat this with hot rice and ghee. There were other days when I just couldn’t have it.

And oh! Btw, the lavender household loves Apples and Avocado too.



Happiness is…

…traveling for about 2 hours to get back home from Office in a very cold weather, cooking dinner and feeding the kids on time… letting them play in their play room, and then waiting for the right moment to open the freezer and have this


What a Bliss! It doesn’t matter that I had this alone or that I did not share this with Lemon. There is no guilt feeling.

That moment, I was just lost in the delicacy!


Another weekend

I am in my most active space in the house. My kitchen. I am cooking my favorite dish. I keep adding this masala and then that and then a little bit of this again. Aroma of spices fill every corner of the room.

I run to open the window just a tiny bit to let some fresh air in. Oh look! The snow outside is melting. I smile. The weather is warmer. Anything greater than 20F feels like spring in Boston.

And I as I hear the cooker whistle, I remember to drink my favorite morning cup of coffee.

So with that and more, another weekend has just passed by.

Happy weekend, everyone!