A peek inside Quebec City

If you are a regular reader here, you would know by now that most of our holidays happen without any prior planning. We decide and go just in the last minute. So like every other time, our bags weren’t packed. The hotels weren’t booked. We did not know French. There was a snow storm on our way and frigid winter temperature was in place. But we expected our holiday to start as-per-our-last-minute-plan.

Since our anniversary fell on a weekday this year, we couldn’t do much. So, we decided to opt for a weekend getaway. At around 1 PM on Friday, we decided to go to Quebec City, Canada. It was a 6 hr drive from home. 

I left from work at around 2:30 PM. It took me almost 1/2 an hour to clean the snow from my car. It was difficult. In frustration, I sent an angry message to Lemon and started driving home. How the message went to my boss instead of Lemon is another story. Lets leave it at that.

Below is how the roads looked-like that day.


As soon as I reached home, I decided to pack dinner for us while Lemon cleaned the snow from our driveway. To my surprise, we finished everything we wanted to do just in time and left home around 5:30 PM. 

We drove for about 4.5 hrs and stayed at a hotel for the night. Next morning, we reached Quebec City at around 12 PM. The french-speaking-city with European-style architecture was charming and beautiful.


The Parliament Hill



Old Quebec

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6 Years!

Dear Lemon,

We complete 6 years of marriage today. We woke up this morning ready to celebrate million more years of togetherness.  

I can’t believe it! 6 years! So long? 6 years and we are still growing strong together. 6 years and we are still very much in love. Seems like we got married just yesterday. Six years ago, on this date, we complained a lot about the make up, the number of costume changes, and the long long wait to tie the knot. At the end of it all it was all worth it. Took us sometime to realize that we were indeed husband and wife. 

So many things have happened in these 6 years. Yet we are both the same people on the inside as we were the day we met in Skype.

Last year was big for us. But this year is going to be even more bigger. I see the house we have built together. It is still incomplete but is the perfect house in the whole world and the house makes me extremely happy.

We have not yet decided so many things for our future. We are yet to learn a lot about life. It all seems so crazy at the moment but I do hope all is going to be well. 

Cheers to you my dear Lemon, you have been so nice to me this year.. And I love my anniversary gift. You are the bestest. 

All with love, Lavender! 


Blogathon 2016 – The End!

And, I have surprised myself again. 31 days of nonstop blogging is not easy. But was so much fun. I wanted to do the number theme this year for the 31 days. But what was I even thinking? Gosh! It was hard as the days passed by.. I struggled in between. I also did cheat on some days but it all worked out well in the end. Let’s recap some of my favorites –

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This blogathon once again has taught me that I can write from anywhere anytime of the day. Some posts were written before going to bed. Some early in the mornings. Some in office, some at the mall and some even at restaurants. Phew! I feel so good to have successfully completed the blogathon.

Writing is so satisfying. Strange eh? I don’t know. But unlike last year, I just wish to write in this space more often. 

My blog stats have increased drastically. In just a months time, I have more followers. It surprises me how this continuous postings help grow the stats. I am happy. 

Thanks to MAYA for starting this. Congratulations to all of you who participated in the challenge. Also a biG thanks to all of you who took time and commented on my posts.

Here’s a virtual treat everyone ~ Nutella Mug Cake ~ Enjoy! 🙂


Thank you for stopping by!

I’m not going to be back tomorrow but I’ll see you all again soon. Until then take care!

Tag for 30

Thanks to BM. I have a tag post for the 30th day. Here are the questions she put up…

  1. What are you wearing?  A black top and a grey pant.
  2. How tall are you? 5’4″
  3. How much do you weigh? Meh! Pass! I’m not going to answer this. 
  4. Any tattoos? None
  5. Any piercings? Ears and nose
  6. Favourite show? Hard to pick one. For now, it’s ‘The bachelor’. 
  7. Something you miss? There are many. The list is really really big. But right now, I miss my moms cooking. Her vethakuzhambhu to be specific.
  8. Favourite song? Tum Se hi from Jab we met
  9. Zodiac sign? Aries
  10. Quality you look for in a partner? Read this
  11. Favourite actor? Before? Shahid Kapoor. Now? No one. 
  12. Favourite colour? Red. Always. 
  13. Loud music or soft? This one depends on my mood. But mostly I’d say it’s Soft
  14. Where do you go when you’re sad? To home. My room. I would shut the door and curl up in my bed.
  15. How long does it take you to shower? Weekdays? 15 min. Weekends? 1/2 hour or more for hair wash. On a rush day, I’m even capable of taking a 3min bath. 
  16. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? 30-40 min in total. 
  17. Ever been in a physical fight? Yes. With lemon.
  18. Turn on? Smartness. 
  19. Turn off? Bad dressing sense. 
  20. Fears? Dogs. Dark. Losing my loved ones. Math. 
  21. Last thing that made you cry? Pasanga 2 movie 
  22. Last time you said you loved someone? Today. To lime.
  23. Last book you read? Amar Chithra Katha for Lime
  24. The book you’re currently reading? Strategic project management by Terry Schmidt
  25. Last person you talked to? Lemon. 
  26. The relationship between you and the person you last texted? Sister in law. 
  27. Place you want to visit? Caribbean beaches. Switzerland. Iceland.
  28. Do you have a crush? Yes. This guy. Isn’t he so cute?
  29. Favourite piece of jewellery? This ring is my favorite.
  30. Last song you sang? ‘A’ ‘B’ ‘C’ ‘D’ with lime!!!!

Ah! This was so much fun. I cannot thank you more BM. You saved the 30th day. 

What it is to be 29

WARNING: This is going to be such a boring post.. If you really really have something else to do, please skip reading this post. 

29 —– seems like a big number! Ain’t it?  I am in the final year in the decade of my 20’s. I am someone who I love. There is no shame or fear in admitting that. However, change is inevitable I think. I have changed a thousand times the past years. But, I know myself now. Now, more than ever.

I’m no longer obsessed by Shahid Kapoor or Ganguly or even my first crush. I have stopped watching cartoons. I don’t expect anything from anyone. 

I no longer say yes to everything. I have always been afraid of saying no – what will people think if I say no? What if they don’t like me? What if this..? What if that..? – All these questions run through my tiny brain when it comes to yes or no questions. 

And I no longer explain everything to everyone around me. I have also learned to start distancing myself from some people. 

And…… There are so many other things that this 29th year has taught me. But Enough of me okay? I’m so sleepy now. If I continue writing this post I might reveal more about myself which I wouldn’t have otherwise. So, I’ll stop here. This post may  be continued later…


P.S.: Its been a long Friday. 7 hours of meeting is too much even though the meeting room chairs are more comfortable than the cubicle ones. I am totally exhausted.

I did not want to quit the blogathon on the 29th day.So, I just pushed myself hard to write this boring  post.