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oh boy, the big 3-O!

She is now 10 times older than her son.

She is still collecting her thoughts on how she feels on this day.

She is spending her special day with her parents after 9 long years.

She got 2 surprise parties this year and NO gifts from Lemon. She will NEVER forget this in her life.

She is at home watching the snow fall and sipping hot coffee while typing this post.

She is not ready to leave the childhood behind but she knows she has to after this day. Many people cross the bridge from childhood to adulthood at 21. For her it has been different.

She has never considered herself a part of the category called ‘grown-ups’. She has so far enjoyed being the child. Being the youngest in the household. Being pampered for everything at home. Today, she feels she cannot escape the grown-up category anymore. The 3-O feels like a very big number. She doesn’t know why. But it bothers her.

She was worried when Lemon turned 30 a couple of years back. He convinced her saying its just a number and that he will always remain young at heart.

She is not sure what changes this new year and number will bring into her life. For now, she just wants to stop worrying and hope for the best.

She wants to, going forward,  dedicate little time each day to do something that she really loves.

She had a goal that she wanted to achieve on this day and it has come true. She is happy for that.

She has learned not to make any decisions when she is upset.

She has come to realize that almost half of her life is over. 

She is different now and feels wiser, happier, confident and determined. 

She is Lavender and yesterday was her birthday!:):):)

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A letter to my husband on his birthday

Dear Lemon,

You are probably a little nervous about this letter now since I always like to be cheesy and as embarrassing as possible about you in my blog.  But do not worry. Today is your birthday so I will be a good wife and write only about what I like about you. I might have said the same things before but I think we all know by now that that’s kind of how I roll this blog. So, Ready? And go.

You are the heart of this blog. If it weren’t about you, I wouldn’t be here writing this post now.


You do things in a way that only you can do in the way you do them.


You are the reason we laugh so hard


You do crazy things with me


You are the awesome dad who likes to play with his son. And, I can’t wait to see how good you are going to be with our next baby!


You look incredibly good when holding hands and walking together with Lime


You take us on a vacation every year so we can relax and enjoy


You love us


Happy Birthday dear husband! You are the best! I hope you have a fantastic birthday today and you owe me a BIG treat this evening.

Your wife!

Yet another year

I celebrated my birthday a month ago. Birthday is THE only thing that gets me really really excited. I wait for it all year. I plan for it well in advance, literally countdown and irritate lemon!! This year I had Lime with me and it made me double excited. It was so much fun. I jumped around telling both of them, “It’s my birthday today!” Lemon gifted me a Samsung Galaxy Tab after midnight the previous day along with a NYC top, bouquet and some chocolates. Yay!!  The naughty boy was also on leave on that day! So yes! Double Yay!! 😀

We woke up late, cut the cake, and went out for dinner to a great place and ordered like we haven’t eaten for a very long time. We went to The Melting Pot in Framingham and the dessert was awesome. It is a heavenly medley of fresh strawberries and rice krispies treats with chocolate fondue. If you haven’t been there, I highly recommend it.


That night, when I logged on to Facebook, what did I see? Lots of wishes posted on my wall. It took me a while to thank everyone individually. The only thought on my mind was why is the fourth of April always short? Sigh! I still feel bad that it’s over so soon. But thanks to all those of you who wished me. I will treasure all those wonderful wishes.

P.S: It has been years since I have had a proper vacation. No office work. No visa tension. No stay-at-hotel. No super-big-plans. It’s all just about family. Yes! I am in Madras with my parents now. Yay! Yay! And Yay!!!!