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Ah! The small joys of life

When your office friends plan a surprise party for you –

They would convince your boss to make you come to office even though your boss had agreed and given you permission, a few weeks back, to work from home on that particular day for whatsoever reason. You wonder why the boss changed his mind suddenly and wants you in office that day. You would be mad at him. He would apologize and blame your close friend for convincing him to make you be present for the party. How can you be mad at your close friend? So in the end you would appreciate the friend’s effort and be pleased with your colleagues. 


When your  husband plans a surprise party for you – 

He would convince you to take Lime to a birthday party even though you are not well that morning. When you come back home and open the door, you would hear many of your friends shout ‘Surprise!‘. The house would be decorated. Your favorite food would have been ordered. The cake would look delicious and there would be smiles everywhere. 


When there’s a celebration in office but you are too lazy that you do not want to move out of your desk – 

Your friend would bring you a piece of cake from the celebration. You would eat. You would enjoy. 


When your parents are at home – 

Every day, for lunch, you would eat fresh food cooked by your mom. And, when all the chores are taken care by your parents you would just spend most of your time relaxing at home. And when your mom and your son massage your legs you would take a pic and post it in your blog!




This year for a change, Lemon FIRST wished me in LinkedIn instead of the traditional face-to-face, Facebook or twitter or even text message! Weird? Yes? No! 😉

We headed out to NY Friday evening. Little before 12 AM, Lemon took me to this beautiful place with a very nice New York Skyline view.

Who on earth would take their toddler boy and go out on a cold night? Uh? We did. And we weren’t alone. There was another couple there who just got engaged. The guy had just proposed to the girl and they had an ‘awww’ moment. We exchanges smiles and they were nice enough to even take a picture for us. 


That’s my boys looking over NY Skyline!

After a good nights sleep in a nice hotel, we first went to the Bridge water temple in New Jersey. We did archanai and ate the awesome prasadam. Lime loved it too. For lunch, we went to Saravanna Bhavan and ate to our heart’s content. We went to a shopping mall next and I shopped. But not as much as I thought I would. Did not like it enough to do more shopping. But we definitely did have some fun.

Post my shopping spree, we headed out to Times square. The weather was perfect. Lime had a great time seeing Elmo, Cookie Monster, Elsa, Olaf, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pirates, Hello Kitty, Minion and all other Disney characters – you name it – They were all there!


That’s us with Lime’s favorite characters! 😉

Around 7 PM we went to Jersey City and had a fantabulous chaat-dinner. Yeah, Chaat! The plan was to eat something simple. And since we were so bored of rice and tiffin items, we chose chaat. Drinking masala chai at the end was a perfect combo! No complaints!


Bhel Puri, Raj Kachori and Burger!

The day wasn’t over yet. So, Lemon took me to the movies! We saw Nanbenda at a random theater in New Jersey and headed back to our hotel around 2 AM.


That’s Lime playing with a kite in a park!


That’s Lime again – Enjoying the view! 😉

What more could I ask for – New York, Times square, Shopping , Indian food and Movies! It was just perfect. In the midst all these celebrations, I did remember that I am a grown-up. I’m no longer the child I used to be. Back at home, people appreciated every single thing I did in life. But today, as an adult, I’m expected to those things by myself. All these growing-up-stuff is a part of life – Yet, I struggle to embrace my adulthood. May be I’ll accept and realize that I am an adult someday soon. But that day is just Not today!

So, thanks to my dear husband – for all the love, care, support, fun and entertainment on my 29th! 🙂 

Ask your better half on a date

Dear Lemon,

The parcel was in your hands when the music stopped. You picked up a random slip to perform the dare. The slip read “Ask your better half on a date“. The minute you read the slip I knew this was very easy for you. I knew you would do it for sure. We have mocked this performance a thousand times before. At home. At Delhi. At our Engagement. At our Marriage. At our honeymoon. But that was all not in front of a big crowd.

So this time was different. Really different. There were 50 people around looking at us. I picked up Lime and lowered my eyes. You played your role, you asked for a date on one bent knee. The crowd shouted, ‘Of course!’ even before I answered ‘Yes’. Were we so obvious? It lasted for split seconds before we both burst into laughter.


Must thank the event organizer who took this pic and captured the moment forever. There are so many other things that happened in the party. But this one is my special moment.

We laugh each time we see this pic. It looks pretty funny but genuine. This picture takes me back to this event and this very same moment. Playing ‘pass the parcel’ at a Diwali Meetup last Saturday was so much fun. 

May the good times never end!


Yet another year

I celebrated my birthday a month ago. Birthday is THE only thing that gets me really really excited. I wait for it all year. I plan for it well in advance, literally countdown and irritate lemon!! This year I had Lime with me and it made me double excited. It was so much fun. I jumped around telling both of them, “It’s my birthday today!” Lemon gifted me a Samsung Galaxy Tab after midnight the previous day along with a NYC top, bouquet and some chocolates. Yay!!  The naughty boy was also on leave on that day! So yes! Double Yay!! 😀

We woke up late, cut the cake, and went out for dinner to a great place and ordered like we haven’t eaten for a very long time. We went to The Melting Pot in Framingham and the dessert was awesome. It is a heavenly medley of fresh strawberries and rice krispies treats with chocolate fondue. If you haven’t been there, I highly recommend it.


That night, when I logged on to Facebook, what did I see? Lots of wishes posted on my wall. It took me a while to thank everyone individually. The only thought on my mind was why is the fourth of April always short? Sigh! I still feel bad that it’s over so soon. But thanks to all those of you who wished me. I will treasure all those wonderful wishes.

P.S: It has been years since I have had a proper vacation. No office work. No visa tension. No stay-at-hotel. No super-big-plans. It’s all just about family. Yes! I am in Madras with my parents now. Yay! Yay! And Yay!!!!

And it was a happy birthday

***************************March 15th 1 PM*****************************

Friday’s are always busy! Last Friday, I had to go to the mall before Lemon came back home from office. Why go to mall you ask? For getting him a birthday present. Yes! It was his birthday on the 17th of March. This year was all different with little Lime at home. So, yes! I planned to go out at around 1 in the afternoon. I was all ready. I took the stroller out, and I heard Lime. Crying loudly. Very loud that he refused to calm down. He was so fussy that I couldn’t start. After a big fuss, he slept. One hour passed by. Then around 2’o clk, Lime woke up. I was all ready to start again. But could not. This time he cried for food. And then later for diaper. Ufff! Finally, after all this diaper-and-dress-change-thing, we left home at 3. When we settled in the car, I feared. I never understood this driving-with-an-infant-alone-in-the-car-funda so much. Was it because I was too scared of driving alone with a baby in car? Or driving in general? No! It’s most definitely riding with Lime. Alone. It used to be like he’d cry on all our car rides. Any time we stop at a red light, he’ll scream. He hates to sit in his car seat when it’s not moving. And when we are stuck in traffic… imagine how that would be.

I somehow escaped all the red lights and reached the mall. When I found a parking spot and stopped. He yelled. And this time it was for sleep again. I had to make him sleep before entering the mall. Finally, after putting him to sleep on his stroller, I quickly grabbed a wallet and a shirt for Lemon and reached home before it’s too late.

***************************March 16th 11.58 PM*************************

There he was in the bed. All cuddled up with his laptop on his tummy. There I was lurking at him and planning few last minute surprises. Being able to surprise your husband with an 8 month old baby at home is a challenge, you see?

We did some celebrating…and I have lots of pictures…but for now, here are a few…


the birthday boy….


Lemon is the best person I know, He is the best husband I know. He is the best daddy I know. He is the best non-famous singer and the best non-famous dancer I know. I could go on and on about him… But, I don’t want to make this post sappy… so, I’ll just post a few photos of him since they say pictures speak more than words.

In crane beach #oneofmyfavorites


In Hawaii


I had to post this pic… It made me laugh when it popped up…This was taken in Chicago…


P.S.: Lemon, always remember you are so lucky to have me as your wife! 😛 😛 😛 And, haven’t you decided yet what to get me for my birthday?