Baby ‘Lily’ Birth Story

She was predicted to be born on May 11,2016. However she came into this world on May 3, 2016. Like baby Lime, I’m recording her birth story for posterity here.

May 2,2016

I was working from home that day and was hoping to relax. But the morning got super busy with meetings and calls from my manager and other team mates. Come afternoon, I got super tired but had some tasks at hand that had to be finished as soon as possible. And so, the day ended with no rest, more work and another call from manager explaining my tasks for the next day. Sigh! I was super exhausted by 5 PM.

I couldn’t wait to sleep and get some rest.

May 3, 2016

2 AM

It was 2 AM when I woke up with back aches. I tried to go back to sleep. Only to wake up every 15 minutes with discomfort and back aches.

I wanted hot packs to help ease those pains. So, I woke up Lemon asking him to get it for me from the kitchen. He opened his eyes. He saw me. He sighed. He went back to sleep. And, he kept ignoring me every other time I tried to wake him up.

Well, with Lime, I was induced and had the epidural. So I didn’t know what real contractions actually felt like. However, unlike first pregnancy, I knew what was coming. I knew real contractions were painful.

What I felt this time was strangely different. It was just a slight discomfort. But I knew the baby was on her way. I just couldn’t accept all this at 2 AM.

5 AM

I couldn’t sleep and was fully awake by 5 AM. I took a hot shower to help ease the discomfort.

6 AM

The discomfort slowly turned into actual pain. They were about 5-8 minutes apart. Some of them were bearable. Some were very painful. I shouted. I rolled around in the bed. I walked. I cried. I woke up Lemon.

He woke up and walked out of the room. I was clueless. What is he thinking? Where is he going? I kept shouting his name. He came back after few minutes with my hot cuppa coffee and hot pack.

6:15 AM

I sat on my couch. The hot pack helped. I had been having some mild pains the previous few weeks, so I held out on my couch to see if they’d pass.

They didn’t.

It only got crazy strong. I drank my coffee subconsciously preparing myself for the labor. When I had my last sip of coffee, I felt a sharp pain in the abdomen. BAM! – MY WATER BROKE!

At that moment, Mom and Dad started packing all our stuff for the hospital. Yes. We weren’t ready until the last moment. “Second babies come fast!” is what my mom commented. “Call the Doctor!”, my dad shouted. “Where is my phone?” Lemon asked. “We have plenty of time. Baby will not  come that fast!” is what I thought. 

With so many confusions and preparations we finally stepped out of the house at around 7 :45 AM. We reached the hospital at around 8:20 AM. I walked into the labor department myself and told them I might be in labor and my water broke. The woman was in shock!  She was like, “Are you sure your water broke, honey? You don’t look like you are in labor“.

I sighed. 

9 AM

They made sure I was in labor and hooked me up to all monitors. Contractions came in and were steady. Each time they came in I told to myself not to fight this. 

10 AM

Doctor took a look and said the baby is almost ready to come out. She asked if I needed the epidural and I said yes.

10:45 AM 

I couldn’t sit up for the medication and so the nurse silently whispered to me, “Honey if you want to push now, let me know and we can avoid the epidural“. I said “No! I don;t want the pain. Give me the epidural“. So, they tried hard to prep me up for the medication, I couldn’t help myself and had the urge to push out hard.

STOP! I shouted and said I want to push.

11:00 AM 

I was dizzy. All I remember next is someone rang a bell. 4 to 5 doctors/nurses came running into the room.. They asked me to push. Push hard.

3 pushes and SHE was out at 11:18 AM. 

7 Pounds, 5 Ounces, 19 IN long

She was in my arms very soon, skin to skin pretty quickly. A speedy, natural labor is what I prayed for and that is what I got. Thank you, God!



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