And this happens everyday

Why do I always keep dreaming? I don’t know. I have some thought or the other running in my head all the time. I might think of something and do something else. I walk into the kitchen not knowing why I entered. I have two perspectives to things. I try to think well about both the consequences and then decide. The colors of confusion in my life begin here. Sigh! I think I must leave my tiny brain for some service to fix things. There are times when I am not in a position to handle the confusion. These are the times I hate. Really hate.

One such stupid-confused-state-of-my-mind incident happened last weekend. As I walked up to open our Apartment door, there were a lot of things going on in my mind. What a nice evening it was. What time is it? Aren’t we late for dinner?  What to cook? Oh no! I am so tired. I will ask Lemon to cook and I will clean the kitchen. I need to call ‘S’. I love Macy’s. I should have bought the pink top too.  Damn, tomorrow is Monday. How I hate it.

And then, it was toooo late by the time I realized. I was tapping my hands (JUST my hands) at the sensor to open our apartment door. All along, I was wondering why the stupid door didn’t open.  At some point, the door swung open and I heard someone laughing behind me. Yes. You guessed it right. It was Lemon. Laughing like a Demon. That is when I realized what was happening.

I commanded myself to “Don’t laugh!”. I just didn’t want to laugh in front of him. I know. That idiot boy would make fun of me. I just didn’t want to give him any chance or any explanation. But yeah! In the end, I burst out laughing too. What to do. I am We are Crazy? Weird? Normal? Funny? What!!??!!


14 responses to “And this happens everyday

  1. haaaa… as you said it happen everyday and with every one 🙂


  2. You both are too sweet! 🙂
    Such a cute post, lavender!!!!!

  3. Ha ha! I just imagined you and couldn’t stop laughing… Sweet post..

  4. LOL.. yeah happens with everybody 🙂

  5. First time here.
    Love this post. Nice blog you have got.


  6. cute post ya! 🙂

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