CaRnaTic mUsiC


Carnatic music is considered one of the oldest systems of music in the world. Carnatic music is a very complex system of music that requires much thought, both artistically and technically. The basis of Carnatic music is the system of ragas (melodic scales) and talas (rhythmic cycles). There are seven rhythmic cycles and 72 fundamental ragas. All other ragas are considered to have originated from these. An elaborate pattern exists for identifying these scales, known as the 72 Melakarta Raagas. Tyagaraja, Muthuswami Dikshitar and Shyama Shastri, the three saint composers of the 19th century, have composed thousands of krithis that remain fresh among musicians and rasikas. The most important specialty of Karnatic music is its highly devotional element. The concept of the compositions are set entirely against a devotional outline. The notes of Carnatic music is “sa-ri-gaa-ma-pa-da-ni”. These are abbreviations of the real names of swaras which are Shadjam, Rishabham, Gandharam, Madhyamam, Panchamam, Dhaivatam and Nishaadam.

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Favorite Artists: M.S. Subbulakshmi D.K.Pattamal Nithyashree Mahadevan, P. Unnikrishnan, Sudha Ragunathan, Ranjani-Gayathri, Priya Sisters, Sanjay Subramaniyam

ALL Time favorites from yOuTubE:

Sriman Nayanaa by MS

kUraI oNdrUm IllaI by MS

maitrEm bhajata by MS

Sadha Santhosham by Nithyashree Mahadevan

Maniyana oru paadal vendum

Kaliyuga varadhan by ranjani gayathri

Idu thanO tHillAi sTalam by ranjani gayathri


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  1. hello you have a cool blog. I wanna thank you for publishing this interesting posts with us. Keep up good job.

  2. Wonder how I missed this post before.. most of my favorite songs 🙂

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