IKEA Shelf – Home Mandir

I have always wanted to have a nice swami room at my home. For years we have been using a very old book shelf as the mandir. Now that we bought a new house here in Boston, having a nice little perfect space for the mandir was on TOP of my list.

All along I knew what I wanted. The idea was there but I did not know where to get it from. Buying a wooden mandir shelf here in USA would be very costly. When we went to NY for my birthday, we inquired in a number of desi boutiques and found that the ones I liked would cost me around $500. So, like always I started browsing the blog world to get some DIY ideas and I came across this beautiful post from her which seemed perfect.

I exactly mimicked her and I was so satisfied to see the end result.

First, we were lucky enough to get this shelf from IKEA.

BORGSJO Shelf Unit

I used a white fabric pen to decorate (read Indianize) the doors. 


This part was indeed a challenge. I am not very good at drawing kolams or rather I lost touch with this art for 5 years now. But I tried my best to draw this symmetry. 


And then I wanted to keep Ganesha at the top center of the whole frame. So, I created a backdrop with kolams as shown in the belowpicture.


Next picture shows the entire backdrop.


Then came the fun part. I wanted to have the “Gopuram” effect in my mandir. So, we bought a wall mount shelf from Lowe’s and decorated the top with the wooden beads that I got in Michael’s. Like the original author suggested I also used eye pins to keep the beads in place.


That’s Lemon in action 😉




The final part was hanging the bells. This was tough. I got the bells from Michael’s. But gluing them to the wooden shelf was a challenge. It took us two to three days to figure out how exactly we can glue them. 


Finishing touch was gluing the LED lights (from Lowe’s) to the shelf and adding the decorative door knob from Pier 1 Imports.

The final result is shown in the below picture.


Interested in doing this project for your home?

Here you go –

P.S.: Thanks to her for this wonderful idea. I now have a special place for my mandir at home and I really loved this project. 🙂 


44 responses to “IKEA Shelf – Home Mandir

  1. Wow! Wow! I am impressed!!

  2. Awesome; very nice Mandir! Super Impressed!!

  3. That’s so wonderful 🙂

  4. It looks gorgeous! Love it!

  5. Wow wow wow! Super awesome Lavender – so beautiful. It beats every pooja mandir available in market hands-down 😀

  6. Haha. Thank you so much GB! 🙂 🙂

  7. Awesome work! Thanks for tagging me and letting me know how things turned out 🙂

  8. Woww…this is so beautiful Lavender.

  9. This is super awesome. We bought a carver kit yet to try..

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  11. Nice post. Where did you get the bells from?

  12. Hi your idea is really nice , where did u manage to buy the glass see through doors becoz it does not come with the ikea book shelf , can i have detail on that plz

  13. May i know the specification of the door plz such as measurement , how much did it cost for the door

  14. Loved how this turned out!!

  15. Lavender love your puja mandir. I am working on mine right now… Can you pls share how you managed to glue your bells to the wood shelf?

  16. Lovely mandir!! How did uglue the bells to the cabinet???

  17. Hello, Thanks the puja shelf idea. We got inspired by this blog and did the puja shelf. How did you attach the bells to the cabinet?

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  19. Very nice mandir!thank you for the detailed tutorial. It would be great if you can share how did you glue the bells.

  20. Sridevi Mukundan

    How much did it cost for this project?

  21. I am glad I came across your blog. Than you for the idea, can you tell me where can I get the bells? Thanks!

  22. Hi can you please share how exactly you attached the bells to the cabinet?

  23. Hi, mandir is very awesome. Did the IKEA shelf one with door? If not wer did u get the doors from

  24. can you share the ikea link.

  25. Love it. I am also trying to make one but thanks so much


  26. H, very nice creative idea. I was actually looking for for glass door concept for my Pooja mandir, and your article is very apt for me. But when tried checking the name online in ikea site, I’m unable to find it. Can you please tell me which series or the correct name in Ikea. Thanks

  27. this model is discontinued by ikea. i got a hemnes but that doesnt come with top shelf little lesser in width 😦

  28. Hi Lavender- I live in Boston too- Look at I made mine as I do carpentry as a hobby- U can check it Instagram LexieJay or Pinkz Passion – blog has posted my Indian decor home there.You can drill circular holes and add bells there too- Ikea stuff is MDF and it is easily to drill.

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