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Introducing baby ‘Lily’

It’s late post. But better late than never, right?

This year has been so much fun. Most of my dreams have come true, especially the baby news! There has been 3 babies, all about a month apart, in the family this year. The 4th one is expected sometime next week. Can’t wait for the good news from the cousin! 🙂

Lily‘ is my baby girl’s blog name. She graced this beautiful world  on May 3rd 2016!!! The birth story is posted here.

It’s been 7 months now. Lime is still surprised by the fact that the baby is out of mommy’s tummy. He is a proud big bother and loves his little sister.

There are so many things about the baby that I want to record over here..Will do it as and when I find time..

We love our little one. She is our adorable doll. Her toothless smile makes us melt every time. She loves lying on her tummy and raising her head high. She is starting to sit up by herself and she always does it quickly when mommy is not looking at her. She is always curious about what is happening around her. She turns her tiny head all around to look at things. She even stretches her arms to reach for the cup when mommy is drinking her morning coffee. She also loves playing with mommy’s hair.

She looks up to her brother all the time. She admires him for everything he does. She laughs happily around him and plays with him. He sings and dances for her which is so adorable. She bears with whatever he does, even it is pinching her nose or hugging her tight. No complaints – She loves it all!

Keep growing our dear baby. Be happy and healthy! We love you and Lime the most!


All you readers, send in all your love to the little ones, will ya?

oh boy, the big 3-O!

She is now 10 times older than her son.

She is still collecting her thoughts on how she feels on this day.

She is spending her special day with her parents after 9 long years.

She got 2 surprise parties this year and NO gifts from Lemon. She will NEVER forget this in her life.

She is at home watching the snow fall and sipping hot coffee while typing this post.

She is not ready to leave the childhood behind but she knows she has to after this day. Many people cross the bridge from childhood to adulthood at 21. For her it has been different.

She has never considered herself a part of the category called ‘grown-ups’. She has so far enjoyed being the child. Being the youngest in the household. Being pampered for everything at home. Today, she feels she cannot escape the grown-up category anymore. The 3-O feels like a very big number. She doesn’t know why. But it bothers her.

She was worried when Lemon turned 30 a couple of years back. He convinced her saying its just a number and that he will always remain young at heart.

She is not sure what changes this new year and number will bring into her life. For now, she just wants to stop worrying and hope for the best.

She wants to, going forward,  dedicate little time each day to do something that she really loves.

She had a goal that she wanted to achieve on this day and it has come true. She is happy for that.

She has learned not to make any decisions when she is upset.

She has come to realize that almost half of her life is over. 

She is different now and feels wiser, happier, confident and determined. 

She is Lavender and yesterday was her birthday!:):):)

To read more about her, click here.

6 Years!

Dear Lemon,

We complete 6 years of marriage today. We woke up this morning ready to celebrate million more years of togetherness.  

I can’t believe it! 6 years! So long? 6 years and we are still growing strong together. 6 years and we are still very much in love. Seems like we got married just yesterday. Six years ago, on this date, we complained a lot about the make up, the number of costume changes, and the long long wait to tie the knot. At the end of it all it was all worth it. Took us sometime to realize that we were indeed husband and wife. 

So many things have happened in these 6 years. Yet we are both the same people on the inside as we were the day we met in Skype.

Last year was big for us. But this year is going to be even more bigger. I see the house we have built together. It is still incomplete but is the perfect house in the whole world and the house makes me extremely happy.

We have not yet decided so many things for our future. We are yet to learn a lot about life. It all seems so crazy at the moment but I do hope all is going to be well. 

Cheers to you my dear Lemon, you have been so nice to me this year.. And I love my anniversary gift. You are the bestest. 

All with love, Lavender! 


Me at 28

2008: She is single. She’s just out of college. It is winter time. She celebrates new years with parents and leaves to a different city to start her new career. The weather was awesome where she went. She reaches the city a day earlier to her joining date. She roams around with her BFF around the city, exploring the people, the food and their culture. She becomes comfortable. The BFF even bought her a jeans to wear for the first time in life – a strange decision she made that day, indeed!

She starts a new career on this X-day. She sits in the welcome orientation. Suddenly, she was given an option to change her training from this city to another. She says yes immediately. Just because all her other batch-mates decided to do so.

Next day, she reaches this other new town. She is suddenly in a new state not knowing the language that people speak in the city. Just like that she was introduced to new friends. She liked the new city and the new group of people but life was so unpredictable for her then. She made a choice. Without asking her parents. It wasn’t her decision. She was just following the crowd.

After the training she got placed to some other city while all her friends were posted to Chennai. Sigh! 

She did not know anyone in the city she was posted. Finding room mates was hard. Getting along with new people was hard. Staying away from parents was even more harder.

She still thinks may be if she hadn’t changed her training from this city to the other, her life would have been different. She still thinks about it at times. Mistake. Judgement. Sadness. Horror. Is all what she feels.

Since then, choices have always scared her. Not that the city, the training, the job, or her new friends were bad. But she just feels she had made a foolish decision that first day of her training.


2014. Six year later. Things have changed. She’s 28 years old. She is married. She has a kid. One boy. Time passes. She finishes her MBA. She works in the US. In her favorite field. She buys a house. She is no longer dependent. It is going well.

She is not following the crowd anymore. She does things because she loves it. She goes to work. She cooks, she takes care of the family. And, she even manages bank accounts.

All of a sudden that girl is not who she was six years ago. 

All of a sudden that girl is real.

All of a sudden that girl is all grown-up. Even though she thinks she is still a child. 

All of a sudden that girl is me. 


She is still not comfortable with choices. But, this time, she knows what she wants in life. 

P.S.: This one is from my drafts. Wrote it for my 28th birthday but never posted it.

A catch up after 3 years

All of this was decided around 18:00 PM last night. It happened all of a sudden. 

I first met her in college. We weren’t that close then. We got placed in the same company and moved to the same city for work. That is what brought us close to each other. We would travel all over Bombay during weekends. She’s that friend of mine who would cook for me… Take me to the mall, Explore restaurants and watch tv. She would take good care of me too. We sure came a long way in about a year. 

After that, I moved back to Madras while she still stayed in Bombay and we wondered if it will all be the same. But little did we know that destiny would bring us together again. We both moved to the US of A in no time. And, we continue to be the same way. 

She sent me a message on Friday that she is traveling via Boston to her destination. It’s been 3 years since we met. So we definitely wanted to meet. After a few hours of planning and coordination we finally had the chance to meet today. 

We just had about an hour to catch up before her next flight. We met in Starbucks and picked it up from where we left. Our conversations brought back all the good old memories. 

Life has changed a lot for good in both our lives.  These many years of friendship with her has absolutely been a fun filled ride.

I’m going to leave you all with this pic (: