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My Disney Days – The tale of Christmas necklace [Part 4]

I am not a big fan of Jewelry. But for a Christmas vacation how about something that’s really Christmassy and lights up? Right? I thought that would add some style to our holiday vacation. So I went ahead and ordered these from Amazon. Initially, I thought it would be just ‘us’ wearing these and walking around the parks. Err.. who knew! There were a bunch of people. Kids and Adults alike. All were wearing these with pride. They were even selling mickey-shaped-Christmas-lights-necklace in the parks. 


So coming back to my story, I ordered these 3 days prior to our trip. We were leaving on December 21st. I placed the order on the 18th. And Amazon promised to deliver these on the 20th.

On 20th morning, as soon as I woke up, I was impatient. You know one of those days where you are excited for something to happen? Only in this case I was waiting for my order to be delivered. I knew I had to wait till the evening.

I had got the family pack of 4 so each of us would get one.  That was the one last thing I needed for the trip and then I would be done with packing.

I was checking my phone often to track the package.

Evening came. I saw UPS, FedEx and even USPS trucks pass by my home. However, none of them stopped by my door. The waiting seemed unbearable. At around 8 PM when I was tucking Lime and Lily into bed, I received a text. As soon as I read it, I ran downstairs to tell Lemon all about it. “We are sorry for the delay. Your package is still on its way and will be delivered to you in the next couple days

I was mad at Amazon. We were leaving for the vacation the next day and they say they will deliver in the next couple days? Insane. I placed the order just because the site said it will be delivered on the 20th. I had no choice but to give up  the idea about wearing something Christmassy for the Christmas vacation.

If all this sounds silly to you, you are more than welcome to stop reading here. Okay? I am a drama queen. I know.

Come next day, we were all ready to leave home. I even checked our mailbox for the package before leaving. It was empty. So, with a big sigh I left. We reached the airport, checked our bags, dealt with Lime & Lily’s drama while waiting for security, got our dinner and ran to the gate. As we settled in our seats in the airplane, my phone beeped with Amazon’s text alert. “Your package has been delivered!”.

My jaw dropped. You delivered it now? Just after I left home? You could have as well delivered it an hour earlier. I felt cheated and angry. I badly wanted this for my trip. Sigh!

I should NOT have ordered something for the trip in the last minute. My mistake. I should have known.

Here’s the pic. It’s still sitting at home. Unopened. I haven’t decided if I am going to keep it anyways or return it. Ufff!

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Throwback Thursday

It was just another evening at home. All of us were doing our own thing. While Lemon watched TV, Lime & Lily fought for the same spider-man toy. And you know I was as usual in the kitchen fixing dinner. The song it’s a small world was playing in the background. Every now and then we all would sing along the same chorus lines.

Music is one thing that bonds us all together.

One moment we were all doing something on our own disconnected from each other. But then another moment we were all connected together. We would suddenly pitch in and sing “it’s a small world after all; it’s a small world after all…”

A timeless classic. This has been our recent favorite song. We all love it. We heard it in the Magic Kingdom at It’s a small world ride. I smile every time I think of it.

Here’s a picture that was taken from our boat during the ride

Check out the song:

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My Disney Days – Disney Pin Trading [Part 3]

Let me admit it – Disney Pin Trading was more fun to me than Lime! While Lime wanted all fancy good looking Mickey and Donald pins, I wanted all Princesses and Minnie pins. Lemon as usual was not bothered at all. He would wait outside the shops or take Lily for a walk when Lime and I had a fun interactive experience with the cast members. The great thing about this experience was that there was no age limit for this activity.   

For this fun experience, you just need to locate a cast member wearing a lanyard with pins. And all you have to do is find a pin that they have and that you like, and exchange it for one of your pins. Good part for Lime was that the cast members were all so friendly and cheerful. He loved them all. Sometimes we exchanged two with one cast member. Lime would go first and then me. It was super fun!

The pins are all small and they easily fit in the carry on luggage. So these were perfect for us and so easy and affordable souvenirs!

Tip: Pins in the parks are super expensive. So I would suggest getting this or something else you like from Amazon/eBay. Ours had 25 pins for about $17. That makes it less than $1 per pin. It may not be one of the best options but that was just enough for us to trade for all our favorite pins in Disney.


My Favorites ~ I love them all!

Whether it is the little mermaid or the giant genie you seek, pin trading is guaranteed to add more fun to your Disney adventure! Share the magic and bring home some wonderful memories, will you?

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Stay tuned for more Disney experience!

My Disney days – Part 1

I love fairy tales.

I dream bigger dreams.

I believe in magic.

I love once upon a time and happily ever after’s

And so we decided to spend the most wonderful time of the year in the most magical place on earth – where dreams come true.


To start with, Disney trips are costly. May be not for everyone but it was for us. Why you ask? We decided to go there during the peak season. Christmas and New Years is when the parks are so full. Many bloggers had warned people of long queues for everything. I was a bit scared after reading such posts. Well, What did we know. We went ahead with our plan anyways.

While Lemon wanted to take Lime on all park rides, I had my own list of things I wanted to do in the parks.

To start with, I wanted nice Disney family shirts! Especially for our day in Magic Kingdom. I searched online in Etsy and the Disney shirts were all pricey. So I ended up making one myself for the four of us for about $10. Here’s a pic.

Next on my list was Disney trading pins. I knew Lime would enjoy trading this with cast members. Many good bloggers had already given the idea of getting them in advance from Amazon than buying them in the parks. So, what did I do? Did I make them myself? Hell no! Stay tuned to know more.

Christmas necklace: Well, I never had one of these before. But I liked the idea. It would be super fun to wear them in the parks. I was so happy to find one family pack in Amazon. I ordered them too.. But… it’s a long story. I’ll tell you what exactly happened in my next post.

Disney Autograph book: First I thought it’s a weird idea. But as I read more blogs from moms around the world, I wanted to give this a try.

Disney Hat: I knew Lime would ask for one seeing other kids wearing it. I also knew he would prefer a Spiderman hat than a Mickey Mouse one. Spiderman is more cooler for him. On the other hand, my little munchkin Lily, loves Mickey and Minnie. So what I did for this will come up in the next few posts.

So stay tuned you guys!

And btw, Happy New Year! 🙂

A peek inside Quebec City

If you are a regular reader here, you would know by now that most of our holidays happen without any prior planning. We decide and go just in the last minute. So like every other time, our bags weren’t packed. The hotels weren’t booked. We did not know French. There was a snow storm on our way and frigid winter temperature was in place. But we expected our holiday to start as-per-our-last-minute-plan.

Since our anniversary fell on a weekday this year, we couldn’t do much. So, we decided to opt for a weekend getaway. At around 1 PM on Friday, we decided to go to Quebec City, Canada. It was a 6 hr drive from home. 

I left from work at around 2:30 PM. It took me almost 1/2 an hour to clean the snow from my car. It was difficult. In frustration, I sent an angry message to Lemon and started driving home. How the message went to my boss instead of Lemon is another story. Lets leave it at that.

Below is how the roads looked-like that day.


As soon as I reached home, I decided to pack dinner for us while Lemon cleaned the snow from our driveway. To my surprise, we finished everything we wanted to do just in time and left home around 5:30 PM. 

We drove for about 4.5 hrs and stayed at a hotel for the night. Next morning, we reached Quebec City at around 12 PM. The french-speaking-city with European-style architecture was charming and beautiful.


The Parliament Hill



Old Quebec

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