And this happens everyday…

There needs to be sOme understanding on whO does what!!??!! ~ On week days, I will cook breakfast, lunch & dinner and you fix them during the weekends!

Both of us constantly escape this and sweet talk each other for doing the same. At times this works and many-a-time it doesn’t. When he agrees, I often get this standard response: “Yeah, I’ll start the cooking in 5min.. pakka”. This 5 min will extend up to 15 min and even half-an-hour and that’s when I shout “START RIGHT NOW!!!!

Miracles do happen. Yesterday was one such day. We decided to have Pav Bhajji for dinner and he is *tHe only oNe* who knOws tO make it. And you know what, I am really smart! I never wanted to learn it! 😛

So NOW do you know why I love to pick up all it’s necessary ingredients (Esp: capsicums & pav-bhajji masala) from Indian store?? *wicked smile!!*


4 responses to “And this happens everyday…

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  3. Wow! thanks! I’ve usually wanted to create anything on my internet site.

    I take part of your post in my diary?

  4. TҺanks forr finally writing аbout >Annd tɦis ɦappens everyday | Ϻy cOrNer
    оF tHe wOrLd <Loved it!

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