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When I miss my train…

…I write! Just randomly to kill time.

My train! It just left.

I hate it when I miss my train on my way back home. Hate it even more when I just miss it by couple seconds!

We travelled last weekend and I’m super tired! The cold, the body aches and the throat pain is killing! All I wanted to do today was go home a bit early to get some rest. Now, I have to wait half hour for the next train. Sigh!

While I sit and wait, I’ll tell you all what’s been keeping me busy. We celebrated lemon’s birthday last month. And my birthday this month. It was quite but an awesome celebration at home.

We are going to celebrate Lily’s birthday next month and Lime’s birthday the month after next. Which means I have two parties to plan for. And that is going to keep me very busy. If you have any ideas for a 2 year and 6 year old combined party, please let me know.

The bird in the below picture is going to keep me busy for the rest of the time I wait. He is walking busily around the station not worrying about the people around him. Some people are running and I am worried that he might be stepped on and killed. Wonder why he isn’t flying.

Ah! There it is! My train. Let me run now. Don’t want to miss it again! See you all soon! Take care.


And, we are done!

Blogathon 2018 comes to an end. It was hard to think about something and post everyday. But thanks to my everyday commute. Most of my posts were written in the train.

Somehow I managed to post for 30 days. Yes! I missed one day. But shhh…. it’s okay! 30 posts in 31days is a big deal for me. It’s a lot of work.

Thanks to her for pulling me into the Blogathon. Thanks to all of you who have been reading me this month. A big thanks to those of you who did not notice that I missed a day. And a big hug to everyone who liked and commented on my posts. I hope to catch up with all your comments and reply sometime soon. And to all you lurkers, thank you too! You guys are awesome!

I may not come back tomorrow with a post. But I will return soon. Till then, tada peeps! Take care!

#Blogathon2018 #theend

A day without my watch

Last year, Lemon got me the famous Apple Watch as my birthday present. I didn’t like it at the first sight. But gradually it became my favorite. I don’t go anywhere without my dear watch.

This morning I had an early meeting that I couldn’t miss. So with all the the cold and body ache I rushed to catch my train on time. I took my bag, searched for my office ID card for 10 minutes, wore my watch, grabbed the car keys and left home.

Just when I arrived at Boston, I noticed my watch was missing. Yes it took me the entire journey to even notice my watch was missing. That goes to show how careless I am, right?

I first thought it must have fell somewhere in the station or in the train. But I didn’t trust my instinct and ruled out that possibility. So where could it be? I asked myself. I remember wearing it before leaving the house. I even remember happily smiling at it when it beeped with a text from my bestie.

I casually looked around where I was at the moment. In the middle of the road crossing a busy street. It wasn’t to be seen anywhere around me. So I assumed I must have left it in my car. With that thought, I stopped looking for it and got busy with my day.

Soon the day turned into evening. I was back on my train. At around 5:15 PM I reached my station and ran to my car. To my surprise, it wasn’t there either. I got worried. It was a gift from Lemon. I didn’t want to lose it somewhere. What will he say? Will he be mad? But then my tiny brain told me not to worry. Because the anniversary is coming up next week. Maybe he will get me a new one, I thought!

And then, as soon as I reached home I peeped into my bedroom drawer where I usually keep it and did not find it. I washed my face, changed clothes and went to the kitchen to fix dinner thinking it was gone forever.

BUT There it was! On my kitchen island. It was even charging.

So well, I do know I wore the watch after dressing up. I do know I saw my friends message in the watch and smiled. But I doubt how it went to the kitcen island, and was still charging. Did I remove it while searching for my ID card? Lemon was at home and he put it in charge? I really don’t know. I am not going to think about it anymore!

Phew! What a day!

Tada peeps!


Flavorsome Tuesdays

First of all, I thank her for letting me know about the flavorsome Tuesday yummy blog updates.


Back in 2015, I blogged number themes that made the Blogathon easier. Now that I don’t have a plan, I thought doing a A-Z flavorsome Tuesday’s would be fun. I love food and it’s the basic need for anyone. After all, we are all what we eat, right?

I might write about anything related to food- my likes, dislikes, or even stories from my kitchen matching the alphabet-for-the-week.

So here we go –

A is for Angaya Podi

My mom made me have this every single day postpartum! According to her and my Grandma, this mix is loaded with health benefits. It’s good for gas; reduces pain, cools you, helps with digestion and many more. It’s so nutritious and healthy for women after delivery.

I have a love hate relationship with this. There were days I loved it when mom made me eat this with hot rice and ghee. There were other days when I just couldn’t have it.

And oh! Btw, the lavender household loves Apples and Avocado too.



Happiness is…

…traveling for about 2 hours to get back home from Office in a very cold weather, cooking dinner and feeding the kids on time… letting them play in their play room, and then waiting for the right moment to open the freezer and have this


What a Bliss! It doesn’t matter that I had this alone or that I did not share this with Lemon. There is no guilt feeling.

That moment, I was just lost in the delicacy!