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Introducing baby ‘Lily’

It’s late post. But better late than never, right?

This year has been so much fun. Most of my dreams have come true, especially the baby news! There has been 3 babies, all about a month apart, in the family this year. The 4th one is expected sometime next week. Can’t wait for the good news from the cousin! 🙂

Lily‘ is my baby girl’s blog name. She graced this beautiful world  on May 3rd 2016!!! The birth story is posted here.

It’s been 7 months now. Lime is still surprised by the fact that the baby is out of mommy’s tummy. He is a proud big bother and loves his little sister.

There are so many things about the baby that I want to record over here..Will do it as and when I find time..

We love our little one. She is our adorable doll. Her toothless smile makes us melt every time. She loves lying on her tummy and raising her head high. She is starting to sit up by herself and she always does it quickly when mommy is not looking at her. She is always curious about what is happening around her. She turns her tiny head all around to look at things. She even stretches her arms to reach for the cup when mommy is drinking her morning coffee. She also loves playing with mommy’s hair.

She looks up to her brother all the time. She admires him for everything he does. She laughs happily around him and plays with him. He sings and dances for her which is so adorable. She bears with whatever he does, even it is pinching her nose or hugging her tight. No complaints – She loves it all!

Keep growing our dear baby. Be happy and healthy! We love you and Lime the most!


All you readers, send in all your love to the little ones, will ya?

Ah! The small joys of life

When your office friends plan a surprise party for you –

They would convince your boss to make you come to office even though your boss had agreed and given you permission, a few weeks back, to work from home on that particular day for whatsoever reason. You wonder why the boss changed his mind suddenly and wants you in office that day. You would be mad at him. He would apologize and blame your close friend for convincing him to make you be present for the party. How can you be mad at your close friend? So in the end you would appreciate the friend’s effort and be pleased with your colleagues. 


When your  husband plans a surprise party for you – 

He would convince you to take Lime to a birthday party even though you are not well that morning. When you come back home and open the door, you would hear many of your friends shout ‘Surprise!‘. The house would be decorated. Your favorite food would have been ordered. The cake would look delicious and there would be smiles everywhere. 


When there’s a celebration in office but you are too lazy that you do not want to move out of your desk – 

Your friend would bring you a piece of cake from the celebration. You would eat. You would enjoy. 


When your parents are at home – 

Every day, for lunch, you would eat fresh food cooked by your mom. And, when all the chores are taken care by your parents you would just spend most of your time relaxing at home. And when your mom and your son massage your legs you would take a pic and post it in your blog!


A letter to my husband on his birthday

Dear Lemon,

You are probably a little nervous about this letter now since I always like to be cheesy and as embarrassing as possible about you in my blog.  But do not worry. Today is your birthday so I will be a good wife and write only about what I like about you. I might have said the same things before but I think we all know by now that that’s kind of how I roll this blog. So, Ready? And go.

You are the heart of this blog. If it weren’t about you, I wouldn’t be here writing this post now.


You do things in a way that only you can do in the way you do them.


You are the reason we laugh so hard


You do crazy things with me


You are the awesome dad who likes to play with his son. And, I can’t wait to see how good you are going to be with our next baby!


You look incredibly good when holding hands and walking together with Lime


You take us on a vacation every year so we can relax and enjoy


You love us


Happy Birthday dear husband! You are the best! I hope you have a fantastic birthday today and you owe me a BIG treat this evening.

Your wife!

At 24

Dear Lemon,

Do you remember this pic? It was taken on the day of our wedding, during the oonjal ceremony. That moment when this pic was taken will always be special. 

This was not a rehearsal. We were surrounded by our entire family, friends, the catering guys, the photographer, the video man and a zillion others. 

We were actually sitting in the oonjal for almost an hour waiting for the actual wedding moment. It was so embarrassing to sit in the swing all dressed up in front of the big crowd. Even more embarrassing part was when people started singing, dancing and teasing us all the time. But you made me feel comfortable. By passing jokes about our very own people. Lol. I laughed. I smiled. I was shy. I was 24 and you were 28. We were pretty young and fearless during that time.


I found this pic in our wedding album today. One of my favorites. Cheers to all the good old times and to all our future ones.


A Letter to my baby boy – 3

My dear Lime,

Has it been a while since I wrote to you? Sorry tuttu.. You kept my so busy that I never got to write a letter to you.

Can’t believe you are little more than two now. I have not started potty training you but you seem to know already. Everytime you want to pee you come running towards me and say, “I want to change the diaper” At times, you also run into the bathroom and say “I want to wash hands”.

When daddy and I fight, our voices raise. We forget that you are around and still fight. You come inbetween us and raise your voice more than ours. You say, “Daddy! Ne na ne na ne na na na Mummy!” … “Shhh!” We stop. We laugh. And we hug you.

You know what I drink first thing in the morning. So you follow me to the kitchen and say, “Coffee!”. You also know how I make bournvita for you. As soon as I pick your sippy cup you say, “Mummy Milk! When I add milk you shout “Put bournvita ” and then “sugar”!

Cookies and strawberries are your favorites.

Whenever you see any Gods photo, you say “Ummachi Kaapathungo!”

You love music. Whenever I sing, you follow me imemdiately. You follow the tune and the thalam.

You run out to any place anywhere with no care. No amount of warning, scolding or time-outs have any effect on you.

You are not scared of anything.

Everyone in the family loves you.

Sometimes, for ‘yes’ you say ‘yeah’ and for ‘no’ also you say ‘yeah’. And I get confused all the time.

Remember how I said in my last letter that you like Coach Hooper. Well that hasn’t changed a bit. You still adore him and dance his way.

You fight with me a lot. Already. When I dont listen to what you say, you shout – “Mummy..No! Listen Mummy..Mummy……..” If I still don’t respond, you yell at me – “Nooooo!”. This “No Mummy” fight will go on for sometime. When you get tired, you say “Ok, bye!” and walk out of the room.

Why do you love your socks so much? Any time of the day you want socks in your legs. If you don’t see a sock in your leg, you would cry so hard to wear it immediately!

Keep growing my chweet boy. I love you so much! 🙂