WeLcOmE to mY bLoG! It’s aboUt aLL the happenings in and around a 20-something girl!

I am Lavender ~ A Madrasi |  Mistress of Everything | A Drama Queen | Known Mystery | Friendly Confusion | Abhinetri |  Bundle of Contradictions | A laugh in a Sea of Sadness | Consistently Inconsistent | Everything about Nothing | Basically, Kuch Katta aur Kuch Meeta.

I took the “mOst popular route” ~ Madras-School-&-Engg-college and Grad-School-in-some-Kugramam-in-the-SouthWest-US of A!! My interests ~ music, dance, books, movies and madras – is what you will read here!!

You will also read about Lemon ~ tHe better half. We ~ LivE. LaugH. lOve. crY. Pull each other’s legs. Have no control over our emotions, Mood swings from a blissful euphoria to a desperate misery! WE are two crazy people!!

Pic was taken @ Crane Beach! Dated: 05/09/2011

I had one unsuccessful blog in the year 2007. I decided not to give up and I started with this in Jun’10… Hoping to keep this alive for long!!

Favorite lines:
Fill up each hour with what will last;
Buy up the moments as they go;
The life above, when this is past,
Is the ripe fruit of life below!

What more can I say ? To know more, read my blog ~ @ your own risk !!

Take a look around and grab the RSS feed to stay updated. Of course, if possible, drop in your comments! I am sure I would love to know you! See you around! 🙂

P.S.: 05/09/2011 ~ Eddited to add the pic!


13 responses to “AbOuT

  1. Hey!
    Nice to know that you blog! 🙂
    Good way to spend your time. Happy blogging! 🙂

  2. Lavender – I just bumped into your blog, and I’m liking it…especially the Madrasie touch! Was wondering if you’d like to write on ILoveMadras.com (aka ILM)? I’ve been looking for passionate bloggers from the city who are either in or outside the city to share thoughts on ILM.

    Should you be interested, do give me a buzz at karthik (at) karthikvijayakumar (dot) com, and I shall share more details.

    Searched for a “contact me” link on your blog, but didn’t find it. This was the only option I was left with 🙂


  3. Hey lavender..

    Love the look, the feel and the posts on your blog… Want to mail you about Travel writing, could you please drop me a mail – aarti@aartikrishnakumar.com please.

    Thank you!

  4. Hi Mistress of Everything, I liked you blog’s look and feel.

  5. I just love your blogger… and I’m a Madrasi too! 😀 Which is like yaaaay!!! 🙂

  6. Hi !!! I think we both share the same interests…. Both of us are from the same state & are bloggers !!! Please take a look at my blog & tell me what you think about it……


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