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When I miss my train…

…I write! Just randomly to kill time.

My train! It just left.

I hate it when I miss my train on my way back home. Hate it even more when I just miss it by couple seconds!

We travelled last weekend and I’m super tired! The cold, the body aches and the throat pain is killing! All I wanted to do today was go home a bit early to get some rest. Now, I have to wait half hour for the next train. Sigh!

While I sit and wait, I’ll tell you all what’s been keeping me busy. We celebrated lemon’s birthday last month. And my birthday this month. It was quite but an awesome celebration at home.

We are going to celebrate Lily’s birthday next month and Lime’s birthday the month after next. Which means I have two parties to plan for. And that is going to keep me very busy. If you have any ideas for a 2 year and 6 year old combined party, please let me know.

The bird in the below picture is going to keep me busy for the rest of the time I wait. He is walking busily around the station not worrying about the people around him. Some people are running and I am worried that he might be stepped on and killed. Wonder why he isn’t flying.

Ah! There it is! My train. Let me run now. Don’t want to miss it again! See you all soon! Take care.


When you decide to post every day

  • One more day of office-commute;
  • Two more days left in the work week;
  • A Three day long weekend is coming up;
  • It’s Four PM now;
  • Hi Five 👋 to all of you who are reading this!

Phew! I can come up with anything to write to finish the Blogathon! Lol. It’s my 10th consecutive day of posting. Quite an achievement, I say.


Ten on Tuesday

  • I am planning for a play date for Lime with one of his school friends. Lime is so excited.
  • I baked a cake for Lily’s 20th month birthday. Here’s a pic

  • I have already told you all that Lily is so happy to be around Lime.Whatever the brother does is so entertaining. She even tries to cry when he is crying.  I love watching them play.
  • Lily can take the TV remote and switch it on. Learnt from her big brother you see. It’s only a matter of time she learns how to change channels.
  • Lily can pick up my phone and go straight to PBS kids / You Tube app. After she’s in the app, she calls me and says “caaatooo” (Cartoon). If the phone is locked, she tries to unlock it.
  • Lily loves to use the camera on my phone. She likes to see her own face. Every time she sees herself, she says “baby” and she smiles.
  • Lime doesn’t like to talk in Tamil. How much ever I try, he is against it.
  • Lime loves his daddy more than mommy. The day before Christmas, we were standing in line to take pictures with ‘Santa’ in Sea world, Orlando. It was our turn next and the ladywho was dressed like an elfcame to us and  asked Lime, “Hi there, how old are you”. “5 and a half” he said. Pointing towards me she asked, “Who’s here with you today?” Lime thinks and thinks for about 10 seconds and gives her NO answer. The elf lady smiled at me. I smiled back (actually I was trying so hard to smile back). I was furious you know. Why does it take so long for him to say, ‘Mommy! She is my mommy!”. After about 15 sec, the elf lady points towards Lemon and asks, “Who’s this?” Lime immediately says “Daddy!” The same immediate answer comes for “Lily!” too.. Sigh! Big big Sigh!

  • I hate the idea of carrying two phones with me everywhere. Personal and work phone. For a long time now, I have been searching for a perfect case in which I can carry both these phones. I think I will end up buying a Kate Spade wristlet,
  • You are reading Ten on Tuesday in my blog. Have a terrific one!


The periodic rant


WARNING: Long Random Post!

I am not sure where to begin. I am not sure if I will make any sense but I know I needed to write here. It’s been a really long time. And, I swear. I didn’t want to come back with a rant post. But here I am!

Life has changed the past few months. It’s been a roller coaster ride. I had mentioned I changed jobs in my previous post. Before I talk about other things, let me give you all some fun facts about the new job.

  • I am a project manager now. Its my dream job. This is the good news.
  • Everybody seems very nice around here. The new boss is super awesome.
  • I love project management and I think I know enough about it now. Thanks to all the past years of experience.
  • I am a Lean practitioner. Got the certificate recently. Yay!
  • There are days when I do not have to interact with a lot of people. And then there are some days when I need to really hunt people for answers.
  • And finally, the commute is okay. Just! Okay! This is the bad news.

So now that you all know the fun facts let’s go to the bad part. Okay? Okay!

  • I leave early in the morning and come back home late in the evening.
  • Every single day I struggle to get out of bed.
  • I snooze my alarm at least 4 times before I wake up. 
  • Some days I leave before baby lily wakes up.
  • Some other days, I don’t get to say bye to Lime. Yes! It’s a big deal for me.
  • And many days I don’t get to talk to Lemon in the mornings. 
  • Its always a mad rush.
  • Come evenings, I get damn tired.
  • I pick up Lime first and then we both go to Lily’s day care. Finally, we all reach home around 6:30 PM. Yes! 6:30 is late for someone-like- me who leaves the home at 7 AM in the morning.

That second when I open the garage door baby Lily cries. She cries and cries until I feed her something. Some days Lime sleeps off in the car on the way back home. He gets super cranky when I wake him up. Which adds more chaos to our evening.

I would shout. Lime would cry. Lily would cry even louder. Finally, we would all call Lemon and shout together on phone.


It has been that C-R-A-Z-Y. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.


When it comes to cooking, I have always liked cooking fresh food for the family. I never liked the idea of cooking over the weekends for the weekdays. I must also say that I had the luxury and the time to cook every morning in my previous job. Life has changed now and I have changed too. So, what do I do these days? I cook lunch for 3 days on Sunday mornings. Sigh! What we do for dinner everyday and the rest of the 2 days in the week is a long story.

I really hate what I am doing. But I got no choice.


For a very long time now, my mom has not been well. She has diabetics and related nerve problems. The many doctors she has seen so far have not found a *real* cause. The past few months she has been very lethargic and forgetting things all of a sudden. She has been admitted in the hospital 3 times. None of the doctors in the US of A and in India are giving us answers.

Until I know what’s going on, I repeat to myself – She will be okay soon. She will be okay soon. She will not have a recurrence. There will be no complications. Relax. Take a deep breath. Repeat.


Lily has grown so much. She can now say few words. She says ‘Anna‘, ‘Thatha‘, ‘Amma‘ and ‘Appa‘. She even says ‘No‘ when Lime hugs her tight. She says ‘No! Mine!’ when Lime takes her toys. And, she loves her brother more than me!

Stay tuned for more about Lily and Lime.

Let me end this rant post with some pics. Thanks for reading. 


Lemon and Lily at the Boston Commons!




What it is to be 29

WARNING: This is going to be such a boring post.. If you really really have something else to do, please skip reading this post. 

29 —– seems like a big number! Ain’t it?  I am in the final year in the decade of my 20’s. I am someone who I love. There is no shame or fear in admitting that. However, change is inevitable I think. I have changed a thousand times the past years. But, I know myself now. Now, more than ever.

I’m no longer obsessed by Shahid Kapoor or Ganguly or even my first crush. I have stopped watching cartoons. I don’t expect anything from anyone. 

I no longer say yes to everything. I have always been afraid of saying no – what will people think if I say no? What if they don’t like me? What if this..? What if that..? – All these questions run through my tiny brain when it comes to yes or no questions. 

And I no longer explain everything to everyone around me. I have also learned to start distancing myself from some people. 

And…… There are so many other things that this 29th year has taught me. But Enough of me okay? I’m so sleepy now. If I continue writing this post I might reveal more about myself which I wouldn’t have otherwise. So, I’ll stop here. This post may  be continued later…


P.S.: Its been a long Friday. 7 hours of meeting is too much even though the meeting room chairs are more comfortable than the cubicle ones. I am totally exhausted.

I did not want to quit the blogathon on the 29th day.So, I just pushed myself hard to write this boring  post.