And this happens everyday

And this happens everyday, every time I go out for shopping !!! I get some nice stuff, but, every time it makes me realize that I am so mathematically challenged. It’s not funny anymore !! I believe that people normally can do some basic math.  But, I can’t…!!! I still count on my fingers !  Sigh!! And, for example, when I see those 40, 60, or 75 percent off on something in the mall, I panic! Why?   Because, I. CANNOT. DO. THE. CALCULATION. ON. MY. OWN. My tiny tiny brain refuses to process and do the math. Sheeeshhh !! It’s so embarrassing !! So, what do I do? Go to the “Price check”, and scan the item to check the price.  To make matters worse, what if the store’s price check  machine is not working? What will I do? Maybe, I will stand clueless?

There’s more. When it comes to calculating and collecting  the balance from shop keepers at grocery shops, I am LOST !!  I feel so disadvantaged. It makes me wonder how I scored 195/200 in maths in my 12th board exam. I was a good student. In fact, I was the favorite of my maths teacher too!! Sigh!!  But, why do I still struggle to do these simple calculations in mind?

Lemon, on the other hand, has this strong sense of math. His sense is so strong that he can do any sort of calculation in his mind. I suspect that he has some bIG GianT calculator in his head. If we are in the mall, this boy would keep asking me to do the math all by myself. He tells me that it’s so simple. But, for me, honestly, it’s NOT !  The damn sales just say that you get an extra 15 percent off on the original price. How the hell am I to know what the exact price will be, huh? Why can’t they just put the exact price *after discount* on the tag *to make it easy for people like me* !! ❓ !!

Fortunate are those people who can do these calculations in their mind. How I wish there was some place where I could send my tiny brain for repair. Or simply just replace my tiny brain with that of Lemon’s…!! 😛


10 responses to “And this happens everyday

  1. LOL:) Simple – take math lessons from ‘lemon’

  2. Prema Sridhar

    Never bother. Carry a scientific calc with u. Dear, everyone cant be good in everything. U’re so good in expression!!!!!

    • Oh yes! I am not a woman of few words… 😉 😉 I was wondering if I should write this post at all… but then I did! And, I truly appreciate Lemon’s strong sense of math! 😛

  3. lol. Throughout ur post all i have wanted to say isssss……me toooooo!! 😀
    i too m a dud in subtraction, wil tk any change d salesman gives blindly n worse, i still dunno how to subtract without cancellin d first digit like dey taught us in frst grade or sumthin. Dayyyym! 😀

  4. Hmmm… errrr… Mathematically challenged?? Me too! Me too! 😉

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