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Visiting Memories

There are moments in my life where I would just be nostalgic. So lost in memories. Such days trigger remembrance from the past so much that I totally forget the present.

Today was one such day. Many memories came unannounced after my lunch conversation with a friend.

Those memories felt so real that I could feel the warmth of my familiar desk in the classroom. I could hear the guys talking, the girls giggling, and the professor shouting. The sound of someone dropping the pen, the sound of someone tearing a sheet of paper and the sound of someone writing with chalk on the black board.

That was the time in my life when I was very silent and super shy. I never spoke to classmates other than my close friends.

The memories felt so real that I forgot I was sitting in my silly corner desk in Office.

These figments from life do their best to remind me of the person I once was and how I have changed now for the greater good.

Will these memories fade away with time? I don’t know. I just wish I could relive some of those days.


P.S.: One more day and I’m done with the Blogathon. Phew! Someone pass me a trophy already!


My Disney Days – The tale of Christmas necklace [Part 4]

I am not a big fan of Jewelry. But for a Christmas vacation how about something that’s really Christmassy and lights up? Right? I thought that would add some style to our holiday vacation. So I went ahead and ordered these from Amazon. Initially, I thought it would be just ‘us’ wearing these and walking around the parks. Err.. who knew! There were a bunch of people. Kids and Adults alike. All were wearing these with pride. They were even selling mickey-shaped-Christmas-lights-necklace in the parks. 


So coming back to my story, I ordered these 3 days prior to our trip. We were leaving on December 21st. I placed the order on the 18th. And Amazon promised to deliver these on the 20th.

On 20th morning, as soon as I woke up, I was impatient. You know one of those days where you are excited for something to happen? Only in this case I was waiting for my order to be delivered. I knew I had to wait till the evening.

I had got the family pack of 4 so each of us would get one.  That was the one last thing I needed for the trip and then I would be done with packing.

I was checking my phone often to track the package.

Evening came. I saw UPS, FedEx and even USPS trucks pass by my home. However, none of them stopped by my door. The waiting seemed unbearable. At around 8 PM when I was tucking Lime and Lily into bed, I received a text. As soon as I read it, I ran downstairs to tell Lemon all about it. “We are sorry for the delay. Your package is still on its way and will be delivered to you in the next couple days

I was mad at Amazon. We were leaving for the vacation the next day and they say they will deliver in the next couple days? Insane. I placed the order just because the site said it will be delivered on the 20th. I had no choice but to give up  the idea about wearing something Christmassy for the Christmas vacation.

If all this sounds silly to you, you are more than welcome to stop reading here. Okay? I am a drama queen. I know.

Come next day, we were all ready to leave home. I even checked our mailbox for the package before leaving. It was empty. So, with a big sigh I left. We reached the airport, checked our bags, dealt with Lime & Lily’s drama while waiting for security, got our dinner and ran to the gate. As we settled in our seats in the airplane, my phone beeped with Amazon’s text alert. “Your package has been delivered!”.

My jaw dropped. You delivered it now? Just after I left home? You could have as well delivered it an hour earlier. I felt cheated and angry. I badly wanted this for my trip. Sigh!

I should NOT have ordered something for the trip in the last minute. My mistake. I should have known.

Here’s the pic. It’s still sitting at home. Unopened. I haven’t decided if I am going to keep it anyways or return it. Ufff!

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Saturday tale

I made sure I did not rise early today.

I do have this inbuilt alarm in my body that wakes me up around 5 AM everyday. Thankfully, I managed to silence it today and treated myself with some extra sleep.


My kitchen was closed for the day.

So we had lunch at Panera bread and saw this movie. Suriya was awesome. I had already seen Akshay’s original Hindi version.. so the Tamil version did not make me go “wow”.


Evening was well spent at my favorite place.

Dinner was fast food – The thought of managing Lime and Lily at any restaurant gave us a nightmare. So we always end up picking up fast food! Sigh!


We are all now watching NFL. These games are highly engaging and entertaining for Lemon and Lime. I am sure I’m going to get bored after a while.

Here’s a pic I took while watching the game

We made some plans for tomorrow as well.

How is your weekend going?

Farewell and Reunion

Today was awesome. I met all my old colleagues for lunch. It was actually a farewell party for a friend. She was leaving the company (my old company).

So the other close friend called me few days back and invited me to join them for the farewell lunch. So kinda reunion for me but farewell for the others you know.

Many people from my previous job are still in touch with me.. so it didn’t feel weird to meet most of them all at once. What really felt weird was meeting the person who has been hired to replace me in my previous position.. Yeah, whatever!!!

Great food! Fun times! Friends even picked me up from home and dropped me.

Awww… I love those Fridays when I work from home and meet my friends for lunch! 😉 😉

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Snow is coming


Forecasters are saying this is real deal! Snow, wind, blizzard, minus temps! New England weather can’t get any worse.

Lime’s school is closed. Lily’s daycare is closed. Lemon and I will be WFH. We just stocked some food.


Wind and snow combo is the worst – we have multiple weather warnings in place. Just hoping there will be no power outage

!Fingers crossed!

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