wHy we MarrIeD? ;-)

I am putting up one of my favorite parts of our INTIAL mail-conversations here. Ah yes! This was about-my-dream-guy“What is it that you are looking forward in your life partner?”, he asked me one day. Even when I was 19, or probably 20, I had an answer ready for such a type of question. Whenever people asked me, “what do I *really* want in a man I’ll be spending my life with”, I would repeat the same dialogue.

*Here’s the SHORT description I had for “the-guy-I-want-to-marry!”*

I don’t have much expectations. I would prefer a guy who is clean in habits, respect me and my family for what we are, & be caring and lovable. He should be taller than me n look handsome. The first time we meet, I would like to see him in black shirt & blue jean! He MUST have a black Benz. He should love me a lot and ‘Na yenna kettalum vangi tharanum’…etc etc” 😉

I still remember how few of my close  friends in Bombay used to tease me by telling this dialogue in the same tone as mine!!  Bah!! Did I think / dream of something unusual?? After all, the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams, right?  Anyways, all those friends liked me a lot and they loved pulling my legs!!

Now, back to tHe point, this was his reply to my mail and I honestly liked the way he replied.

Well, I am not sure, if I would fit in all the requirements….but let me give a shot on it… The first part was easy and guess the requirement right away (“a guy who is clean in habits / respect me and my family for what we are / caring and loveable“).

Taller ~ I am definitely taller than you if not very tall. Hope it is not a problem.

Handsome ~ a very controversial Question… I will let u decide on that unless otherwise I know I look OK and  please no comparisons with Shahid kapoor!! *He knew that I liked Shahid in ‘Jab We Met’. Hence the statement!*…

Next one, I believe I can manage that… (“He shld love me a lot“)….

On the next one, “Na yenna kettalum vangi tharanum“. I will be honest with you. Ella me mudiyadu. But I will definitely promise for 60-70% of it… Guess I am trying to bargain here…lol !!

And as far as Car goes.. You already know I have a 2007 Honda Accord (BLACK) with leather Interior, Moonroof, Alloy Wheels, 6CD changer (If all these brings it closer to your dream car Mercedes….) Not to Spoil it, here Mercedes is not that in demand as BMW or AUDI…. If I had put another 5K dollars on what I spent on my car, I would have got a Mercedes, but I preferred to stick with Honda.”

Look at his reply about  the car ~ I din’t even know what Moonroof /Alloy wheels were.. Sigh! Whatever! But now, I just love the car, though I don’t do tHe ‘ooooh!!‘ ,’aaaah!!’ and ‘what a car!!’ thing in front of him!!

Instantly, after this conversation, I thought may be this is tHe guy who would build tHe diamond-castle and buy me anything I want. Even if I don’t get Mercedes, I shall get Honda Accord. So, I thought marrying him is nOt a bAd IDEA! 😛

Time went by and one night while we were talking on the phone, he suddenly said, “I Love you”. “Will you marry me?”, he asked. “Yes”, I said after few minutes of silence. “You have promised to meet 60-70% of my shopping demands”.

One year after this we were married. We have done a lotta shopping, ever since. The only problem is that even today when someone asks what we liked in each other, he would say “No reason. It’s for the promise I made her, she married me”. Friends remained silent after this reply!!  Every time this happens, bayangara kovam varum ennakku and I used to samalichify saying “Oh! No! He’s just kidding!!

And now, since the wOrld knows the reason, am not bOthereD! I am ending this post with the-if-not-mercedes-then-honda-accord-pic! 😉



18 responses to “wHy we MarrIeD? ;-)

  1. very sweet post! 🙂
    I jus loved his answer: “It’s for the promise I made her, she married me”
    guess u hav to make it clear to him atleast now! 🙂

  2. what if the guy has lots of credit cards…should he submit alll ..just asking..

  3. I used to joke… ‘marriages are made on earth, and promises kept in heaven’! I was moved by this true account where ‘a marriage was made in heaven, and promises met here on this earth!’ Touching narration. Keep writing Lavender

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  6. very honest 🙂

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  8. It’s such an Awwww post!

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  10. Loved it!! Very nicely expressed 🙂
    I can relate to the “taller” part .. I always wanted my husband to be tall and he is .. one full foot 😉
    A very Happy Birthday to your husband!!

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