And this happens everyday…

It’s all about Confusion!! Life is full of confusions already. And, I don’t want anyone to add more chaos to chaos!!

A few years back, I wrote the following for my orkut’s “about me” section!

“I’m simply a bundle of contradictions, a known mystery, a laugh in a sea of sadness, a friendly confusion, consistently inconsistent, and everything about nothing! Confused…??  Ok..!! I’m a silent, simple gal with simple needs. Love to be elegant and perfect! I trust in my abilities n believe in my dreams, hope for the best n prepare for the worst. Ummm, actually kuch katta aur kuch meeta…. Still confused…??  Yep, I’m also confused! 😉 ”

Decisions are always tough. More tough for me. I always have two perspectives. I see two options when people always have one. At times, the choices I have seems to be RIGHT. Sometimes, they are NOT. Other times, I DO NOT KNOW. Till I met Lemon, I thought I am the only one like this. Now, the colors of confusions are even brighter. We take pain in deciding very SIMPLE things that range from “what to eat for lunch” to “which iron-box should we buy”.

Picture the scenes below.

Scene 1: It was a Friday night. We wanted to call one of our friends’ home for a Saturday night dinner. We had been to their place twice last year and now it was our turn to invite them. Lemon called and they responded saying that they were glad that we invited,  but, would call-back after half an hour to confirm if they would be able to make it.  I lost interest when they replied this way, and I didn’t feel up to it. Lemon too had second thoughts by this time.

*After ½ hour*

Lemon: What do you think?

Lavender: What?

Lemon: Seems like they are busy. Let’s call them next week.

Lavender: Your wish.

Lemon: If you want we can call them again now to confirm. I don’t mind.

Lavender: I don’t know. But definitely not next week.

Lemon: So, you want to call them now?

Lavender: No! Wait… I don’t know.

Lemon: *fumes*

Why did we call them? Why did they not reply immediately? In the end, they called back after 3 hrs. They couldn’t make it since their kid was not feeling well. We spent the next 1 hour deciding, arguing and ended up having our Saturday night dinner at a restaurant.

Scene 2: It was a Sunday afternoon. I wanted to go out. I was ready both for a shopping and a movie. Lemon had to decide between these two choices. As you all could guess, we decided to go out shopping. This decision was easy. But which place should I go for shopping? I was confused. Which mall should I go? I have been to all possible shopping places here. May be watching a movie is a better idea? But what if the movie is bad? Lemon said we were getting late already and I could decide the place while he drove , but ,I  had to tell him before he takes an exit to the highway. 

We were near the exit. “What have you decided”, Lemon asked .  I was still mentally deciding ~ which mall? which store? or a movie? which movie? tamil/hindi/english?, when I realized that we were already in a mall in the downtown. I fumed. I yelled. How could he just go somewhere when I had not decided??!!?? What if I took more time to decide?? Anyways, I did calm down later. And yes, we did go to one of my favorite stores! *He got me something that I love the mOst!*

Scene 3: Another day, we were at home deciding what to eat for the dinner.

Me: Chappati?

Lemon: We had it every day last week!

Me: Sambhar-saadam and curry?

Lemon: Nope. How about Idly?

Me: We don’t have the batter. Make pav-bhajji na? * His PERFECT recipe *

Lemon: Nope. You cook something.

Me: No, it’s your turn today-

We were fighting for the next 15min and ended up eating curd rice!!!!!!

Coming back to the point, why are choices so difficult? Why do we have confusions in life? Simple decisions are even tougher? Is it the same for everyone? Or, are we only the ones like this?  😕


7 responses to “And this happens everyday…

  1. Hahaha. Nice post. Believe me its the same here. You are one among any of us. 😛

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