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A tale of smiles

I smile every morning as I walk into the kitchen and see the dish washer flashing green light called ‘Clean’. It makes me smile big. It tells me that Lemon did not forget to turn it on!

I smile every evening when Lime remembers to remove his shoes before walking into the home and when he hangs his jacket in the closet. It tells me he is growing up to do such stuff.

I smile each time I see a WhatsApp message from my mom. It tells me she has learnt to use the phone keyboard. What she types is not always right, but I can figure out what she is trying to say to me.

I smile each time Lily comes running to me pointing her finger at Lime. It tells me she is complaining about her brother. It tells me they are having fun.

We take billion pictures in each of our trip. Here’s one that makes me smile every time I see it



The many things on my mind

I sit in my favorite room in the house with a pillow behind my back and your tiny fingers wrapped around mine tightly. You kick me with your right leg. I look at you and you smile at me showing all your teeth like moonshine. I gently grab you, give you a tight hug and kiss you. One on each cheek, the forehead and then the tummy. You giggle. I enjoy.

My phone beeps. Before I reach for it, you take it and use it as a chance to play. You press the center button and then swipe left and then swipe right. The keypad pops up asking for the passcode. You press all the numbers. Finally after few moments, the phone gets disabled. You lose your interest in playing and give the phone back to me. I smile.

Your daddy and brother come back home from the karate class. As soon your brother removes his shoes, he comes running to you. You both stare at each other for few seconds and off he goes to grab your water bottle from the table. I tell him you don’t need it. He disagrees and gives the bottle to you. You drink lots of water. He smiles, you smile and I blink. How did he know? I wonder.

You and your brother always play rough. My head spins watching you two chase, bounce, roll and what not. I play the strict referee all the time while your dad often lets you two go for it!

And oh! The list goes on…


Introducing baby ‘Lily’

It’s late post. But better late than never, right?

This year has been so much fun. Most of my dreams have come true, especially the baby news! There has been 3 babies, all about a month apart, in the family this year. The 4th one is expected sometime next week. Can’t wait for the good news from the cousin! 🙂

Lily‘ is my baby girl’s blog name. She graced this beautiful world  on May 3rd 2016!!! The birth story is posted here.

It’s been 7 months now. Lime is still surprised by the fact that the baby is out of mommy’s tummy. He is a proud big bother and loves his little sister.

There are so many things about the baby that I want to record over here..Will do it as and when I find time..

We love our little one. She is our adorable doll. Her toothless smile makes us melt every time. She loves lying on her tummy and raising her head high. She is starting to sit up by herself and she always does it quickly when mommy is not looking at her. She is always curious about what is happening around her. She turns her tiny head all around to look at things. She even stretches her arms to reach for the cup when mommy is drinking her morning coffee. She also loves playing with mommy’s hair.

She looks up to her brother all the time. She admires him for everything he does. She laughs happily around him and plays with him. He sings and dances for her which is so adorable. She bears with whatever he does, even it is pinching her nose or hugging her tight. No complaints – She loves it all!

Keep growing our dear baby. Be happy and healthy! We love you and Lime the most!


All you readers, send in all your love to the little ones, will ya?