* She was born on this date and day.

* She spent most of her day-time with her Grandma while her mom and dad were busy working.

* She loved pappu-mammam.

* She would wait near the gate every evening for her mommy to return from office because she loved the cream biscuit which her mommy used to buy for her every single day. She called it ‘the-duty-biscuit‘.

* She did not like Diwali. She was afraid of crackers. Very afraid.

* Her favorite subject was Maths and she loved her Maths teacher.

* She loved visiting her cousins every summer and winter holidays. She loved playing with them.

* She used to hide behind the closet or under her bed when her music teacher came home for classes.

* She skipped most of her bharatnatyam classes due to another dance practice.

* She is still in touch with her dance teacher.

* She was thrilled to know that other countries existed in this world.

* She was fascinated with fairy tales.

* She wanted everything in her room to be red in color.

* She made a list of all that she wanted to do in her life.

* She listens to her favorite songs whenever she is upset.

* She  likes Nithyasree Mahadeven and Unnikrishnan and Kartik.

* She loved reading books. She was a regular at the nearby lending library.

* She used to visit temple daily with her BFF.

* She got married to the awesome guy in this world.

* She and her husband went for honeymoon to Hawaii. It was one of the best trips in her life.

* She started a blog and began to write all about her beautiful life.

* She has a beautiful baby boy.

* She asks for gifts and more gifts for her birthdays and anniversaries.

* She doesn’t like anyone interfering in her life other than her mom and her husband. Not even can her dad or grandma rule her. And for all the others, they have no power.

* She thinks she was a queen in her previous birth.

* She wants to visit Switzerland sometime soon.

* She longs to buy another Michael Kors handbag.

* She wants to go on a long train journey.

* She is exactly fine how she is.

* She is the best, she believes.

From the day one of her life to the teenager to the mom that she is today, she has not changed much. She still believes in fairy tales and is still the-crazy-best.

She is Lavender and today is her birthday! 🙂 🙂 🙂

P.S.: Lavender, Lemon and Lime are off to a beautiful vacation and this post was scheduled to be posted today!

#100happydays (Day – 10)


24 responses to “She

  1. Oh wow! Happy Birthday Lavender! 🙂 🙂
    Lovely post! 🙂

  2. Happy birthday Lavendar!!

  3. Many Happy Returns of the Day, fellow Arian 🙂

  4. happy happy b’day dear.. ;P

  5. Happy happy birthday darling. Have an awesome vacation 🙂

  6. happy birthday, Lavender!

  7. Happy Birthday, Lavender 🙂

  8. Many many happy returns of the day Lavender..
    This is the best post of anyone describing about themself.. Super..
    You ask me to write about me, I will blink and stare alternatively..
    Loved this post and demanding a post on the vacation…

  9. Belated Birthday wishes Lavender….. 🙂 Hope you have an awesome time…

  10. Belated birthday wishes 🙂 hope you enjoy your vacation 🙂

  11. Happy Birthday, Lavender! Have a super vacation.
    P.S.: What a terrific birthday post.

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