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Poshmark and Self promotion

Remember my last post about Poshmark?

This is big guys.. I made two more sales today.. Yay!!

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DIY Craft Sticks Wall Art

You can find many fancy versions of this wall art at Etsy for $400 or more! But I did the same for a lot cheaper the past year from this post.

Frame – I couldn’t find a plain good wood frame at my local Michael’s store. But found this in the 70% clearance section.


It worked perfectly fine for what I wanted to do. We had the black spray paint that we used for this project. So, a quick one coat of spray paint worked just fine.


Scissors, Glue, Water Colors, Brush are some other stuff you would need. I used crayola water colors. But you can use any paint you want. 

A bunch of Craft Sticks – I had colored as well as plain sticks from Michael’s.


Then you paint. This took a little while since Lime wanted to participate in doing this project. It was fun.


Then you start laying them out. I measured the sticks that would fit the frame and cut them according. In the end I wanted them to look like patchwork. 


Then you glue them to the frame. Some sticks had curves, some were cut at a different angle but in the end I kind of liked the end product. 


I have hung this in our living room. The colors kind of matches with the Chindi Shag Rug I got from Pier 1 Imports. What say, people? Would you try this? 

DIY Project ~ Ombre Chair

I knew you can ombre your hair. But how about an ombre furniture?


Our first DIY Ombre Chair! 🙂 Do you like it?

I came across this at Anthropologie when shopping around for furniture’s for our new home. Loved the effect. But not the price!

Since then I wanted to incorporate this effect in one of my very own furniture. So this past weekend, I wanted to try the ombre effect on our old dining chair. We discarded our dining table a while ago but kept couple of the dining chairs for whatever reason. The chairs are so useless to us now and a lifeless thing at home.

I often see such chair on the curbside every week on the trash pick up day. Poor things! I didn’t want to throw mine away and wanted to turn them into something lively.

The chair was just waiting to be redone, so we got started! This is a very simple easy DIY experience.



~ Wooden Chair

~ Gloves

~Paper rolls

~ Masks and Googles (Optional)

~ 3 Spray Paints (We used Metallic, Red and Black)


1. Clean the chair. Remove any dirt and smooth the surface so the paint will stick better.


2. Now, starts the fun part. Start with the base color.. spray thin coats. Let it dry and then re-coat after few minutes. A couple of coats just worked good for our chair.


3. Wait for 15 minutes.

4. Move to the center color. We choose red. Focus on getting the center first and then go upwards and downwards on the chair. While working on the spindles, decide how far up and down you would want to go. Spray quickly and away from the chair. Be sure to keep the color heights even.

That's my Lemon in action ;)



Let the paint dry

5. Let the red coating dry. Once dried, we worked on the bottom of the chair. We flipped the chair and started spraying from the bottom up. 


We did not care much to spray paint the bottom of the seat. But you can do it if you want to.

6. Give it a final inspection and fix any spots left out.

Let the chair dry completely. May be overnight or a day. I couldn’t wait so I took a picture of it before letting it out to dry!


This makeover transforms any old boring chair into a DIY ombre furniture piece that adds color to your home decor. Try and Enjoy!