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Saturday Scribbles

Today was well the karate class, snow tubing at a ski mountain, and then having taco for dinner!



Picture post

Happy Pongal, everyone!


What do I do…

…when there’s a snow storm during weekend? I enjoy the snow, take a picture and post it in my blog!

This pic is now my blog’s header!

…when I attend the largest Women’s conference in the country? I brag about it for days with Lemon. I proudly post pictures in social media!

Being Fearless!

…when my kids help me do laundry? I become a very proud mom and post a pic in my blog!

#mybabies carrying laundry from one room to the other

…when baby Lily eats chocolate cake like this? You guessed it! I take a pic and post in my blog!

She’s all smiles after making a mess!

…when I see someone giving a wagon away for free? I grab it! Take the kids on a wagon trip and of course post a pic in my blog!

They both love the wagon! Thanks to the seller for giving this away for free!

…when I make my first sales in poshmark? Yes! Yes! Yes! I brag about it in my blog and post a pic!

And I made my first sale!

Do you have anything to brag about? Start a blog!

14: tHurSdaY cHaLLenGe ~ Theme: FAVORITE PHOTO

Here’s the pic for this weeks Thursday Challenge: “FAVORITE PHOTO – final week” (Your favorite photo of the year or past years)


All time favo photo ~ My first pic with Lime ! 🙂

Want some more? Go here , here and here



Five ~ Me and my four cousins

FIVE of us are very close in the family. It’s me and my four cousins.

I’m the eldest. The next one is 6 months younger to me. Then 1 year younger, then 2 years younger and the last one is 4 years younger. Elders in the family always say we are like “adukku adukka, rail potti maathiri*one after the other just like the series of train compartments*. We meet in every possible family functions, summer holidays, winter holidays, and the likes. When the 5 of us are together, no one can control us. We are inseparable and the most beautiful queens in the family. Everyone loves us.

The main reason for my recent trip to India was to attend the last cousin’s wedding. It felt like a great event since all of us are married and settled now. We had so much fun. Here’s a pic from the wedding.[Of course it is going to be a blurred pic! ;)]


5 awesome boys and 5 super awesome girls! 😉