I. Regret.

Something terrible happened. And because of that my last few weeks has been so awful. I’m totally frustrated. 

My mind just wishes that that something shouldn’t have happened in the first place. It is hard to undo that mistake now. 

I have done something that I totally regret and I am also mighty offended by the same thing!. And that something has made the past few weeks so dreadful. I wish I could go back in time and change everything to normal.  Certain circumstances forced me to do what I had done. Sigh!

The good part is that this experience has made me learn a lot. I understand what went wrong and I’m willing to correct my mistake. I did not want this to be in my blog but here I’m today writing this post. Although I’m not going to be reading this post ever again, I want it to be here just as a reminder of my life’s events. 


This year for a change, Lemon FIRST wished me in LinkedIn instead of the traditional face-to-face, Facebook or twitter or even text message! Weird? Yes? No! ;)

We headed out to NY Friday evening. Little before 12 AM, Lemon took me to this beautiful place with a very nice New York Skyline view.

Who on earth would take their toddler boy and go out on a cold night? Uh? We did. And we weren’t alone. There was another couple there who just got engaged. The guy had just proposed to the girl and they had an ‘awww’ moment. We exchanges smiles and they were nice enough to even take a picture for us. 


That’s my boys looking over NY Skyline!

After a good nights sleep in a nice hotel, we first went to the Bridge water temple in New Jersey. We did archanai and ate the awesome prasadam. Lime loved it too. For lunch, we went to Saravanna Bhavan and ate to our heart’s content. We went to a shopping mall next and I shopped. But not as much as I thought I would. Did not like it enough to do more shopping. But we definitely did have some fun.

Post my shopping spree, we headed out to Times square. The weather was perfect. Lime had a great time seeing Elmo, Cookie Monster, Elsa, Olaf, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pirates, Hello Kitty, Minion and all other Disney characters – you name it – They were all there!


That’s us with Lime’s favorite characters! ;-)

Around 7 PM we went to Jersey City and had a fantabulous chaat-dinner. Yeah, Chaat! The plan was to eat something simple. And since we were so bored of rice and tiffin items, we chose chaat. Drinking masala chai at the end was a perfect combo! No complaints!


Bhel Puri, Raj Kachori and Burger!

The day wasn’t over yet. So, Lemon took me to the movies! We saw Nanbenda at a random theater in New Jersey and headed back to our hotel around 2 AM.


That’s Lime playing with a kite in a park!


That’s Lime again – Enjoying the view! ;-)

What more could I ask for – New York, Times square, Shopping , Indian food and Movies! It was just perfect. In the midst all these celebrations, I did remember that I am a grown-up. I’m no longer the child I used to be. Back at home, people appreciated every single thing I did in life. But today, as an adult, I’m expected to those things by myself. All these growing-up-stuff is a part of life – Yet, I struggle to embrace my adulthood. May be I’ll accept and realize that I am an adult someday soon. But that day is just Not today!

So, thanks to my dear husband – for all the love, care, support, fun and entertainment on my 29th! :-) 

Happy Birthday to me! ;-)

So today, April 4, 2015 is my birthday. This day marks 29th year of my arrival here on this planet called Earth. It is the last year I can consider myself a “twenty-something“. The final 12 months of my 20’s begin today.

I’m NOT ready for the big THREE-O yet! And, I did have some oh-my-god-I’m-almost-30 feeling, then decided to get over it as I know 29 is young!

Is 29 a weird age? I don’t know. But I am not 30 yet! So I think I’m fine. I can still get away with being childish, right? Lemon is taking me to New York today. Not sure what he has planned for my big day. So, I’ll do a post-birthday post sometime next week to tell you all how weird or awesome it was.

All my fellow bloggers and all you lurkers.. do send some good wishes my way pleaaassseeee.. I’d like to have them all for this year… And so let me start by wishing myself – hope I have a fantastic year ahead! ;-)

The tale of our fifth anniversary

You all know we celebrated our anniversary this month. Lemon woke me up at 12 o’clock in the night with gifts. I got a nice bouquet, a J’dore perfume, a teddy bear and a cheesecake. I even wrote this nice letter to him.

All was fine that entire day. Some people called. Some people wrote. Some other people just remembered. Work was nice all along. Colleagues wished. Lunch was awesome and when evening was just approaching, Lemon called and asked me to come home early. So, I left a bit early, picked up Lime and went home just in time for Lemon’s plan. We were so hungry so he first took me an Indian Restaurant and we ate chat to our hearts content. Then he took me to New York and Company and asked me to get whatever I want.

After shopping we were hungry again and he told me he had booked a dinner table at a nice restaurant. We made it there on time. The fondue was great. Lime liked it too. Everything was so good until this moment. 

A waitress walked to our table with dessert [cake] with a candle and said, “Happy Birthday!”.

Wait! What? 

I first got all excited seeing the cake and candle. But was shocked to hear “happy birthday“. Lemon had booked a dinner table for ‘birthday‘ instead of ‘anniversary‘!!!

 I threw my evil look at Lemon. And all Lemon did at that moment was give me a wicked embarrassed laugh. And all Lime did was joined the waitress and sang ‘happy birthdayyy mommyyy… happy birthday mommyy…” huh! What do I do with my boys? I couldn’t embarrass the husband in front of the waitress so I kept quite. But despite my initial anger, I ended up laughing soon. 

But how could he do this? Isn’t it just unfair? On our way back home, I let him sweat out a bit before I finally calmed down. And then I made up my mind to write it here today… just for the records..


This was the awesome dessert!


“happy birthday’ wish on my anniversary!!

Half a decade with the one I love

Dear Lemon,

We turn 5 years old today.Every year, when the clock strikes 12, you would wake me up with gifts in your hand. And I have saved them all since our first.

I look at our journey so far and realize that we are still the best-est couple! We fight with each other at least once a day. We are not very responsible. We throw our clothes all around the house. We argue in front of Lime. We order food every other day. And, you wake up really really late everyday. You still hate Carnatic  music and I still hate eating or even trying other cuisines. I hate you being so attached to your laptop and TV and you hate me shopping. But I also love the way you help me with everything. How you care about me and Lime. How you make sure we both are okay. How you ask us what we want. How you bear with my euphoria. How you do not mind my mood swings.

All in all, in the last years we have not changed much. You are still the same lazy boy and I am the same awesome girl!!

Now, here we are after 5 years of marriage. We have lots to celebrate and lots to look forward to. Cheers to the second half of this decade and many many more to come. Experience has taught me that everyone will have more arguments, more difference of opinions and other tough periods in their marriage life. What I hope and believe is that we will never lose sight of how much we love each other.

Life has been an incredible awesome adventure so far and I know I would not have come through this journey with anyone else. Thank you for making life so exciting and so magical. 

Happy fifth! Love you, Lemon! Always have, always will.