When I miss my train…

…I write! Just randomly to kill time.

My train! It just left.

I hate it when I miss my train on my way back home. Hate it even more when I just miss it by couple seconds!

We travelled last weekend and I’m super tired! The cold, the body aches and the throat pain is killing! All I wanted to do today was go home a bit early to get some rest. Now, I have to wait half hour for the next train. Sigh!

While I sit and wait, I’ll tell you all what’s been keeping me busy. We celebrated lemon’s birthday last month. And my birthday this month. It was quite but an awesome celebration at home.

We are going to celebrate Lily’s birthday next month and Lime’s birthday the month after next. Which means I have two parties to plan for. And that is going to keep me very busy. If you have any ideas for a 2 year and 6 year old combined party, please let me know.

The bird in the below picture is going to keep me busy for the rest of the time I wait. He is walking busily around the station not worrying about the people around him. Some people are running and I am worried that he might be stepped on and killed. Wonder why he isn’t flying.

Ah! There it is! My train. Let me run now. Don’t want to miss it again! See you all soon! Take care.


Project Management – Pet Peeves [2]


Come to think of it – Every day at work is crazy!

Most of what we all do at work falls into one of the following 3 categories:

“Need-it-now-kind”: [Things you don’t want to do, but actually need to do] Someone suddenly decides that this has to be done NOW! It’s mostly someone on the Business side. Something like the building is on fire and everyone has to extinguish it before the worse happens

“What-if-kind”: [Things you want to do, but actually don’t need to do] These are the things the team does just so they don’t have to face the bad consequences

“For-the-fun-kind”: [Things you don’t want to do and actually don’t need to do] These are the things we all do to be happy; Coffee/Lunch breaks; Other things that we do to make people smile or basically engaging in tasks that don’t push the project forward

There’s one more kind that is often forgotten – the important kind! [Things you want to do and actually need to do] One of my mentors told me that I must eat my frog first thing every morning. Eating the frog means that I must just do it, otherwise the frog will eat me meaning that I will end up postponing the task forever

Would you eat your frog first thing Monday morning? I am still figuring out! Sigh!

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Project Management – Pet Peeves [1]

What I have noticed so far in my career is that we all (people) come up with great ideas and build something. Something the C-suite people in the company will like the most. Something that did not exist before. We either build it from scratch or buy something similar from the market and make enhancements to it! If you are a PM you will know what I am talking about – The famous ‘make or buy’ analysis!

Then we start using them and break them. The famous word for this is ‘Testing’. There are different types of testing. The latest in all this mess is ‘automation’! Use a software to test everything until it all breaks!

And then we spend majority of our time and money in fixing them. We call this bug fixing, maintenance and support.

So where do you spend your time? I am in all of this – Got to deal with the good, bad, expected and the unexpected. Sigh!

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And, we are done!

Blogathon 2018 comes to an end. It was hard to think about something and post everyday. But thanks to my everyday commute. Most of my posts were written in the train.

Somehow I managed to post for 30 days. Yes! I missed one day. But shhh…. it’s okay! 30 posts in 31days is a big deal for me. It’s a lot of work.

Thanks to her for pulling me into the Blogathon. Thanks to all of you who have been reading me this month. A big thanks to those of you who did not notice that I missed a day. And a big hug to everyone who liked and commented on my posts. I hope to catch up with all your comments and reply sometime soon. And to all you lurkers, thank you too! You guys are awesome!

I may not come back tomorrow with a post. But I will return soon. Till then, tada peeps! Take care!

#Blogathon2018 #theend

Visiting Memories

There are moments in my life where I would just be nostalgic. So lost in memories. Such days trigger remembrance from the past so much that I totally forget the present.

Today was one such day. Many memories came unannounced after my lunch conversation with a friend.

Those memories felt so real that I could feel the warmth of my familiar desk in the classroom. I could hear the guys talking, the girls giggling, and the professor shouting. The sound of someone dropping the pen, the sound of someone tearing a sheet of paper and the sound of someone writing with chalk on the black board.

That was the time in my life when I was very silent and super shy. I never spoke to classmates other than my close friends.

The memories felt so real that I forgot I was sitting in my silly corner desk in Office.

These figments from life do their best to remind me of the person I once was and how I have changed now for the greater good.

Will these memories fade away with time? I don’t know. I just wish I could relive some of those days.


P.S.: One more day and I’m done with the Blogathon. Phew! Someone pass me a trophy already!