Another weekend

I am in my most active space in the house. My kitchen. I am cooking my favorite dish. I keep adding this masala and then that and then a little bit of this again. Aroma of spices fill every corner of the room.

I run to open the window just a tiny bit to let some fresh air in. Oh look! The snow outside is melting. I smile. The weather is warmer. Anything greater than 20F feels like spring in Boston.

And I as I hear the cooker whistle, I remember to drink my favorite morning cup of coffee.

So with that and more, another weekend has just passed by.

Happy weekend, everyone!




Saturday Scribbles

Today was well the karate class, snow tubing at a ski mountain, and then having taco for dinner!


Confessions of Lavender

Currently I’m at a phase where I feel I’m extremely content with what’s happening in my life. I’ve had this positive feeling, once before, about 10 years back. It seems stronger now than before.

I can’t seem to possibly know the right reasons for this feeling. Perhaps it’s just that I am growing up now and with that has come strength and maturity. Maybe, it has to do with me being in the right place with the right people. I don’t know. Or maybe it’s a combination of all of this and much more.

Few things in life are very clear and I know what I want to do next. Few other things are still unclear. But be what it may, at this point,I am happy. It took me a while to realize this feeling. Took a lot of guts to write about it here.



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Throwback Thursday 2

You are so thin.. you are slow.. you are late for your class!

You always say no to vegetables.. you don’t eat anything properly!

You take a lot of time to get ready.. your hair is so straight.. you have to put on weight.. you have to play sports!

You are so silent.. you don’t talk to anyone.. you have very less friends.. you are not playing with the other kids.. you don’t have any siblings.. you are alone!

You have a dimple when you smile.. your shopping collections are great.. you are caring.. you love books.. you are quite and cute!

You are impatient.. you get angry very soon.. you think you are a princess!

You have to stop dreaming.. you have to learn to take care of yourself.. you have to grow up!

You can handle anything! You never lie! Your voice is so sweet!

I wish I don’t meet you again.. I want to talk to you often.. I wish I had met you earlier!

I like you.. I love you.. I hate you.. you are the best.. you are the worst!


I have heard all of these at some point in my life. While some of the above are true how absurd that someone told me some of these all those years ago?





The many things on my mind

I sit in my favorite room in the house with a pillow behind my back and your tiny fingers wrapped around mine tightly. You kick me with your right leg. I look at you and you smile at me showing all your teeth like moonshine. I gently grab you, give you a tight hug and kiss you. One on each cheek, the forehead and then the tummy. You giggle. I enjoy.

My phone beeps. Before I reach for it, you take it and use it as a chance to play. You press the center button and then swipe left and then swipe right. The keypad pops up asking for the passcode. You press all the numbers. Finally after few moments, the phone gets disabled. You lose your interest in playing and give the phone back to me. I smile.

Your daddy and brother come back home from the karate class. As soon your brother removes his shoes, he comes running to you. You both stare at each other for few seconds and off he goes to grab your water bottle from the table. I tell him you don’t need it. He disagrees and gives the bottle to you. You drink lots of water. He smiles, you smile and I blink. How did he know? I wonder.

You and your brother always play rough. My head spins watching you two chase, bounce, roll and what not. I play the strict referee all the time while your dad often lets you two go for it!

And oh! The list goes on…