A decade of togetherness

‘Us’ in the Venetian Gondola ride

TEN YEARS? It’s Insane! And Awesome!! It’s a lot of life lived together. Don’t you think? It sure is! Our 10 year journey includes 7 countries, 26 states, 5 homes, 4 jobs, 2 cars, lots of debts, lots of arguments, countless precious moments and just us.

I think ten years ago, he just got super duper lucky and I said yes. Soon he became the king and I became the queen. We both were pretty young and had no idea how life is going to be. We grew up together in this marriage and learned to adjust and compromise.We have seen our fair share of ups and downs.

11 years ago we met. 10 years ago we got married. 7 years ago, we had our handsome prince. 5 years ago, we built our first castle together. 3 years ago, we had our beautiful princess. Today the family is complete and we are looking forward to many many more decades to come.

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The End.

And we are done with the Blogathon…phew! It was’t easy at all. I huffed and puffed through each day almost at the nick of the time. I blogged from my phone. I blogged from my laptop. I wrote at home, in the car, in the train, at the movie theaters, at the mall, at the restaurant and even from my office desk.

Posting every day is a big commitment and I honestly appreciate everyone who were part of this years Blogathon. Personally, I feel there were more visitors in my blog this month than ever. And the stats made me puzzled because I truly believe I have written better posts in the past.

However, your presence is all I needed to push me and post everyday. So all you followers and lurkers, thank you!

Unlike last year, I hope to be a regular this year. See you all real soon.


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I’ll wake up early. I’ll not snooze my alarm.

I’ll cook something fresh for all of us.

I’ll remember to kiss my babies before leaving the home and also switch off the garage light.

I’ll not wear this black boots that I hate.

I’ll remember to keep exact change for parking my car.

I’ll drink water before running to catch the train so I don’t feel thirsty during the entire commute to office.

I’ll wear my ear muff before I get off the train so I don’t catch a nasty cold in this nasty weather.

I’ll avoid this foul-smelling street while walking to office.

I’ll take the other route even though it’s longer.

I’ll remember to take out my ID card which is always buried down in my bag before I reach the turnstiles.

I’ll put my coat in the coat closet and not on my chair.

I’ll change my commute shoes before I walk into the meeting room.

I’ll speak up to Mr. know-it-all.

I’ll eat my lunch on time.

I’ll stop worrying whether Lily and Lime ate their lunch.

I’ll stop worrying if Lily had her nap.

I’ll leave sharp on time to catch my train back home.

I’ll not drop my phone down.. Ever.

I’ll not let Lime run in the parking lot.

I’ll remember to turn off the alarm before entering the home.

I’ll remember to fix dinner quickly so Lily and Lime can eat on time.

I’ll make sure Lime finishes his homework before going to bed.

I’ll let the kids have milk before bed.

I’ll make them sleep in their own room.

I’ll remember to keep alarm for tomorrow.

I’ll post my last post for the blogathon tomorrow.

I’ll let Lemon do most of the above tasks tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be a better day!


A post with no title!

Today’s mood:


Zazzy, Jazzy, Zappy

When you are bored out of your mind and have a desperate urge to let out the artist trapped in you – what do you do?

Simple. You pick up a nice zazzzzyyyy table cloth from your favorite home store; You lay it nicely on your new dining table; You order nice chair covers from Amazon for your new chairs; You run to your husband to ask his help to rearrange the pictures on your wall.

Unfortunately your husband doesn’t like the idea. You should have known he is tasteless. He yells at you for spoiling his TV-time but you force him to help you rearrange the pictures on the wall.

You wait 2 days for the Amazon delivery. You dress up the chairs with the new covers. And then you slowly walk away from the table and self admire your creation.

What an amazing talent, you think to yourself. Hah!

And you decide to take a nice picture and you post in on your blog! What fun it is!


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Y for You

Hey you! You are so much in love with spider man. Your face brightens up every time you see him. You want everything in red, blue, and black. You think you are going to become Spider-Man one day. You have a love-hate relationship with math and your sister. You got a mega Pokémon card from your friend today and you can’t stop talking about it. You are a merry child and your twinkling eyes is full of dreams.

Hey you! I love you so much and you are so adorable. Your face brightens up every time you see me. You want me to hold you all the time and you think you are going to become me when you grow up. You love watching Elsia and Ania YouTube videos. You are a merry child and you are my little sunshine.

Hey you! You are my life. Living with you has been so wonderful. But of course you have your faults. Sometimes you annoy me so much that it makes me want to slap you. You have now done something that is going to change our life. And for some mysterious reason, I don’t like what you did and I hate you for that!

Hey you! I hope you are okay. Just okay. I got nothing else to say.

Hey you! You are very strong. I wish I was half strong as you are right now. I can’t help but admire you for what you are. You are somebody that I always look up to.

Hey you! You didn’t have to do that for me today. Your habit of doing what you did makes me wild. This is not something you should do often. Okay?

And you! Yes you who is reading this post, thank you! Thank you for visiting my blog today. I hope you enjoyed reading.. If you did enjoy my blog and do plan on returning back to my space, please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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X for Xerox

People often told me how much I look like my mom. I always thought they meant in my nature and not personality. Nowadays every time I’m in front of a mirror, I see mom in myself a lot of ways. I definitely got my hair color, texture and thickness from my mom.

And Lily? She is definitely a mini-me. The way she talks, the way she smiles, the way she dances when no one is looking, and most people think she will look like my mom when gets older. It’s a beautiful thing to see my mom live on in her.

Lime has my twinkling eyes. He gets angry just like me. He loves shopping just like me. However, he looks up to Lemon as a role model to follow.

I’m going to leave you all with some pictures….

Like daddy like daughter! Both browsing through the phone

Like daddy like son! Same sleeping pose

P.S.: Notice there is no photo of me even though I said the kids resemble me a lot? Because my dear Lemon never cares to click pictures. I’m the photographer in the family.

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I was *this* close to not posting today. So so tired. We had friends over for dinner and I spent all day cooking and cleaning the house. The idea of blogathon is you have to post everyday no matter what, right? So even two sentences count, correct? Yes? Yes!

Yaaaawwwwwnnnnn…… See you all tomorrow!

Good night, peeps!

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W for Wishlist

I wish to focus more on health this year. Too much has been happening to us recently and it’s high time we start focusing on ourselves. We really need to care more. Devote time for exercise and eat healthy meals. Most importantly I want to reduce the number of times we eat outside food.

I wish to go on a nice vacation this year. Just us. Just somewhere nice. Last few trips we have had were more painful than anything else. So I wish to go on one vacation free from stress. Free from worries.

I wish to cook food that Lime and Lily would eat without any complaints. They are so picky about everything. I wish to be able to understand their taste and cook something that they will eat. Does that sound fair and easy? Yes? No!

I wish to get a complete makeover. Change everything from hair style, hair color, clothes, shoes and make up.

I wish to read a book that would inspire me. It’s been a while since I read anything of interest.

I wish to see my mom again so I can tell her how much I love and miss her.

I wish to have had a elder brother.

I wish to get a good nights sleep.

I wish to become the CEO of my life. Be confident, Mature and become a great leader.

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V for Vague.

I had this vague look today. As I walked out of home, into my train and then into my office.. It was so vague that it took me a while to figure out what was happening around me.

As the elevator door opened and as I walked through the glass doors, I saw red blue and white balloons, confetti, decorations and sunglasses. Yes! Sunglasses!!!! The atmosphere around me was soooo festive. I saw people passing by and say “congratulations”.

It took a while to get back to my senses and smile at them. It took me a while to realize it was my cubicle that’s decorated.

All because it is unusual for me to sleep late. Even more unusual for me to ignore the alarm on a working day. And yet, there I was. Late to get ready. Late to pack lunch. Late to leave home and late to office.

The morning air was chilly and I pulled up my hood and wore my gloves as I stepped out of my train. And just like that I looked at my fingernails. My nail polish was chipped, cracked, and my nails looked plain ugly! I always use a base and a top coat but yet my nail polish never stays for more than 24 hours. Why the why??? This was the thought that was running in my mind as I walked into my office from the station. This was the thought that was running in my mind as I entered the elevator and as I walked through the glass doors and to my cubicle. I was completely disconnected from everything happening around me. This is why I had the vague look 👀. This is why I even forgot to get something nice for my teammates.

They are such nice people and thoughtful to have done this for me. It was so nice of them to take the time and decorate my space. I love this team so much 🙂 I just feel bad I didn’t get anything for them.. must have taken some donuts or chocolates !! Sigh!

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