Baby ‘Lime’ Birth Story

Baby ‘Lime’, was born on 21st of June in a normal delivery. His birth story however begins on 18th of June, 3 days before…

June 18th 2012: It was evening. We were waiting at the airport. I realized I was tired as I stood there, but more than anything, I was anxious to see my mom after two long years. My mom was traveling abroad the first time and I was a lot worried about many things. Will she be able to figure out everything on her own? Will she clear the immigration and customs without any problems? She had no phone and if she gets lost, it would be very difficult to trace her. I stood there with all these random thoughts in my mind.

I saw her finally. We hugged each other the moment she came. I thought to myself, my mom is so thin now! She was all happy to see me. That moment is actually hard to describe. We then drove back home. With more than 3 weeks to go for the D-day, I was relaxed and happy that my mom is here to do all the work and to take care of me.

June 19th 2012: The day began like any other day. I woke up late. At around 9 AM. Mom wanted some help in the kitchen. She wanted to know where I had kept the coffee filter. Just as I bent down to find the filter in the storage drawer, I felt some pain! Half an hour later, my water broke. I struggled to maneuver my huge belly and rush to the bathroom. I called the doctor and I was asked to rush to the hospital. I wanted to check if that means I will go into labor soon for which they said that it was normal for the body to start preparing soon.

Lemon was running around grabbing things. I was still calm, drinking water, and trying to gather things. We took our bags, the infant car seat, some food and headed to the hospital. Later that evening, I was admitted and hooked up to the monitors first. Then, they made sure my water had ruptured by checking me and making me cough (ouch!). Some uneasiness began around 8 in the evening. It wasn’t exactly pain, but a considerable amount of discomfort in my lower back and abdomen area. Whenever a nurse came to check on me and asked “Are you okay?”, I managed and just said, “Yeah! Just some slight uneasiness!”.

I was advised to take as much rest as I can that night as the baby would be out anytime the next day. Every time someone told me that the baby is on its way, I kept repeating to myself “I am not in labor, no way! This is probably false pains!”.

And yep, I was in perfect denial. The D day for me was at least 3 weeks away and I did not want to handle it all so soon. Not that day at least. It could not be true already!

The pain was intense and I couldn’t sleep that night. Lemon called the nurse and told her about my discomfort. She checked on me again and asked me to relax. To make the pain lesser, she gave some medication through IV and I fell asleep.

June 20th 2012: The doctor came to our room around 9 in the morning. Only to say, “Good morning guys! So, TODAY IS THE DAY! We will wait for a couple more hours and if the labor doesn’t start on its own, we will probably induce her and take the munchkin out!” 

On hearing this, the pain intensified. I think I knew at that point, but I kept denying the fact.  “There is still a lot of time for the actual D day!”.

 I was then wheeled into the birthing unit at around 11 AM and was induced. I was definitely breathing hard just trying to stay relaxed and calm. But Lime had already made up his mind. The contractions then picked up in intensely, and then it me hard. Hard enough. “THIS IS IT! I AM IN LABOR! THE BABY IS GONNA COME OUT ANYTIME TODAY!”. I wanted to cry, relax, laugh, smile, shout and scream all at the same time.

However, I knew my body well and hence I wanted to have some pain medication. I did not want to get exhausted when it was time to push. Lemon checked with the nurse if I can get the epidural. She straight away denied and asked us to wait. After about an hour, the intense contractions started coming. At some point I couldn’t tolerate. I yelled. I screamed. I panicked. I almost passed out. That’s when the doctor rushed in, checked me and said, 3 cms!!. He also gave the green signal for the much wanted pain medication.

Seeing me screaming and getting restless, the anesthesiologist did not want Lemon to stay inside the delivery room while giving me the medication. And, that was the scariest part. Later that evening, Lemon nicely slept in his couch while I could not sleep.

June 21st 2012: Finally, by 12 AM, they noticed that I had contractions every 2-3 minutes. I wanted to make myself proud by remaining as calm as possible and I tried my best to put all the strengths for this day into good use. So, I relaxed. The nurse in charge of my delivery came in to check me again and announced “10 centimeters”. I was shocked!  “What? 10? It’s time to push?!?” She was such a nice person, a cheerleader, she made me focus and use all my energy in getting the baby out. Lemon played his part obediently and kept saying “Good job, cutie pie! You are doing well!”

I was in severe pain and at times Lemon’s reaction kept confusing me. Why is he turning his head away from me? Just because he couldn’t see me in pain, he turned away!??!

“What’s happening? Is the baby out already? Is everything fine?” I yelled as loud as possible. The polite nurse softly said, “You are doing great honey!” and Lemon, still tensed, kissed me.

After about 20 minutes of more pushing, Lemon almost jumped and shouted, “He is here!!”. The epidural worked wonderfully, I felt nothing but a little bit of pressure and tugging, and baby ‘Lime’ was born.  

Hearing his cry was the most beautiful and a rewarding thing! Both of us broke into uncontrolled tears. And, as they handed the pinkish little baby into my arms, I was …………… am unable to type those moments now…

… And with that, friends, our life has changed forever! Thank you for our little miracle, Lord! 🙂


10 responses to “Baby ‘Lime’ Birth Story

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  2. Everything was worth every bit na? Proud of you Lavender 🙂

  3. very beautifully written!!! congrats both of you! And he looks like a lil cupcake!

  4. congrats there.. glad that u didnt have much of pain.. 🙂 lime looks so cute.. 🙂

  5. allz well:) all pains vanish wen ur cute one smiles na:)

  6. June 21st is a very nice day;) He’ll have the longest daytime for his birthday, just like me 🙂
    I went through all this, not exactly in the same fashion though, exactly 4 days later, on 25th 🙂
    Congrats on the motherhood !!

  7. I love reading birth stories and I enjoyed reading the arrival of Lime 🙂 He looks soooo cute here 🙂

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