And this happens everyday…

I hate the morning alarms!

He said there is a pizza party @ his office today!  WHICH MEANS I need not pack lunch for him… WHICH MEANS I need not wake up early *which I was really happy about*… WHICH MEANS I did not keep an alarm for 6 AM in the morning today!! But you know what he did? He left his alarm “ON” near me on the bed!!! What the hell? Where was he?  He was taking bath happily leaving that stupid mobile near me! Though I press the snooze button, it will not STOP and would ring consistently after every 5 MIN!! How mean!! The sound of the alarm along with the vibrating effects of the phone was highly irritating!

Why would you leave-the-alarm-ON-near-somebody-else?

Since I did not have much time in the morning, I have decided to deal this with him in the evening today!!! 😛


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