Our never-ending conversations

He is a delhi-ka-munda. So, many people seem to be astonished and their biggest concern is whether I can speak in Hindi and he can speak in Tamil. Again, like I said in my previous posts, the one-more-obvious-question-they-ask-us-is “what language do you guys talk at home?” I don’t blame them for their curiosity!! Though I understand Hindi very well, speaking in Hindi *fluently* is like a nightmare for me.

Mumbai ~ this is the place where I learnt and improved my-hindi-speaking-skills! I stayed there for about 1.5 years. Most of my roommates spoke only in Hindi… I understand & respond in English & sometimes even in Hindi. Since then, I can say that my hindi-skills have grown better. But there are a few things that I do not know ~ I can neither fight with someone in Hindi nor can I say numbers like 54, 78, 43 types. *Hmmm, I can say 10, 20, 30 and 40 types.. not that bad.. okay !!* I also do not know what many of the vegetables are called in Hindi. I used to manage it this way ~ Goto the shop, point to the vegetable I want and ask *yeh kitne ka hai??* 😛 I also remember using the so-called-bombay-slang like *chalega*, *arey yaar*, *nahi baba*, *kya re* etc even after coming back to madras.

His ability to speak tamil is surprisingly tooooo good! He still makes some mistakes which is quite hilarious! And I am gonna be soo mean and write about a few here…

He: <<Usually calls me after having his lunch (In fact, this call is to praise how good his lunch tasted!!) >> I remember him once saying “Yen ipdi kotti kotti rice vekkara lunchbox’la

Me: <<after figuring out what it means>> “why you keep so much rice for lunch?”

He: <<While talking to my mom>> “Nammellam iniki Mall ponom

Me: Namellam illai… Naanga iniki mall ponom.

He: <<Talking with my paati… I guess she asked what’s the time in US…>> “Iniki inga… hmmm… naathi… kizhmai… kaathala…*looking at me* Sunday yepdi solradhu“?? <<He wanted to say it is Sunday morning here and the time is 11 AM>>

Me: <<After figuring out he cannot say this>> I get the phone and say its nyathikizhamai kathala 11’o clk..

He: <<On his way back home>> “Unnakku iniki snack kondu varatuma?”

Me: It’s not kondu varatuma… say vangindu varatuma

And, when we argue….

Me: I shout in Tamil and…

He: *Speechless* waits for the right time and shouts in English!!!! 😉


11 responses to “Our never-ending conversations

  1. I loved every bit of it ! 🙂

  2. Thanks Niranjani! 🙂

  3. Didn’t get the Tamil words 🙂 Yet, it seems to be an interesting confluence!!

  4. Cute post!!!

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  6. Nice one !
    The last part is too funny. Amazingly after reading this I realised that when I fight, the most comfortable language for me is English, n I am a bong.

  7. liked this post !! I may not know full tamil but defenetely go the confusions around!! Coz I face the same situation when hubby tries to talk in Telgu 🙂

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