…was super! We had a lovely holiday…. To record our little vacation, I am going to scribble down some of my observations and of course, with a few more pics.

We reached Pittsburg after a long and a painful drive. I was so pissed off by the time we reached. Just out of boredom. The first thing I realized when I reached the place was that it was like a hill station with soo many number of tall bridges. Visiting temples after a long time was a cultural experience. The Pittsburg temple is located in Penn hills and it felt so good to see a place that somewhat resembled Tirupati.

We also visited another famous tourist attraction, Mt Washington. Needless to say the view of Pittsburg downtown was splendid from the hill.

Thereafter, on our way back home, we went to New York. We stopped at the Coney Island Beach in Brooklyn. It is the dirtiest beach I have ever been to!!

Have any of you been there? Or is it only me who did not like the beach?

Later, I found the sunset view, on our way to Manhattan from Coney Island, was beautiful.

And that, my friends, is all about the long weekend trip I have for you today.

P.S.: Studies and Assignments are keeping me busy this week. I will try to post more about the trip and the July 4th Fireworks later. Stay Tuned! Ta!


4 responses to “Pittsburg…

  1. I have been there once. It’s a nice place. Hope you enjoyed your trip!

  2. Nice virtual tour of pitsburg through your pictures

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