I hate this week

Because my norton antivirus subscription expired yesterday

Because my credit card is expiring tomorrow

Because it is just tuesday today

Because I woke up with a very bad headache

Because Lime isn’t well

Because all three of us are just taking turns to fall ill

Because I went to new york last saturday and did not eat in ‘saravana bhavan’

Because Lemon gave me a hair cut last sunday and it is not how I wanted.. it doesn’t seem worth it

Because I want to cook chayote-kootu but I don’t have chayote at home

Because I have to study for my exam

Because I have more things to worry about

Because I just hate this week. Period.

Turks and Caicos Islands

Yay! It was a super awesome birthday guys. I couldn’t wait any longer to post all about the awesomeness.

It all started couple of months back. We were all about going to a Caribbean vacation and were mostly interested in Bermuda since t’was close to where we live compared to the other Caribbean Islands. All flight and hotel deals were checked and places to visit were noted down. Only to find out in the last minute that Bermuda had no rental car and we would have to commute by taxis or local buses. That hit us hard. With Lime it would be very difficult for us. And so, for that reason Bermuda plan was dropped out.

And then past weeks, we had been browsing through ‘Trip Adviser’, a zillion times, to find the best Caribbean island to visit with a toddler. And that’s when I came across this beautiful place called ‘Turks and Caicos Islands‘ (TCI). Believe me, we never knew Providenciales (Provo) existed in this world. Neither have we heard from someone nor read about it anywhere. But the-crazy-Lemon-and-Lavender that we are, we decided to go this place. The photos, the reviews, the flights, the resorts, the deals were all super awesome. Everything was decided and booked in a day and we left early morning on April 4th, the-best-day-of-my-life!

It was a 6 hr journey from our place with one stop in Charlotte. I was thrilled to see the plane full actually. Full with people – girlfriends & boyfriends, young couples with toddlers, old couples with grand kids, teenagers,the pilots and flight attendants. How did so many people know about the island that we have never heard of? Are they all like us? Travelling for the first time or are they returning visitors? Bunch of questions popped my mind. But I threw those thoughts away and tried to relax.

We fell in love with Provo even before touchdown.The view from the flight was awesome. We landed at around 12.30 PM. The moment I stepped out of the flight, it was hot but pleasant. Lime started sweating in just few seconds. I had to change his T-shirt and pants while waiting for Immigration (Yes! TCI is a UK Territory and requires immigration). We then picked up our rental car. Lemon was jiggling with the GPS for sometime and then he shouted “It’s not working!“. “How will it work? Aren’t we in a different country?“, I shouted back. After that we realized that we had to use the map (which the rental car company gave us) and find our own way. To add more confusion, people drive on the left-side in TCI. So, I will leave it you guys to imagine all the chaos that I would have created in giving directions from a stupid map that had no much details to Lemon.

Our plan for the first day was to relax in our resort and enjoy the oceanfront suite. We booked Northwest Point Resort in the last minute and had no idea what to expect. It was about 30 minutes drive from the airport. We stayed in a ocean front suite and were not disappointed. The only thing was that we had to drive through a dirt road to get to the resort. Yes, the resort is remote, but was definitely worth it.

We went to the Grand Turks Island one of the days. The beaches were so beautiful. We went to the Cruise Center and spent our entire afternoon there. It was initially quiet and empty. And then a cruise arrived with lots and lots of people. But the beach was so wide that it never felt crowded. We had our fun. It was so glorious. 

Everyday was lovely. I would just lie back in the lounge chair and enjoy nature. It was just perfect! All evenings we would get take-outs from Garam Masala and return back to our resort to rest. The food was definitely good. We ordered Shahi Paneer and it was terrific.

Snorkeling in TCI was lot of fun for Lemon. The water was crystal clear with lots of tropical fish and the weather was just perfect. We had our own snorkel gear and all Lemon had to do was force me into trying it. He first asked me to wear the gear and see what it feels like… And then he made me float in water.. I did all that he said only to realize that the water was calm but alive in the beach. The ocean moved and it would just take me wherever it wanted to.. I was so scared. But then, I tried doing it once and I saw not just one but plenty of colorful fish. I jumped in excitement. They were all near my legs you know. Some in blue, some in white and some in rainbow. It was just beautiful but I din’t want to go away with the waves and so I stopped. Lemon enjoyed a lot of this and all I can say is he simply loved this sport.

Next on the list was Grace Bay beach. It was an extraordinary beach. There was no one around and we had it all to ourselves. We were the only two people in sight, if you ask. And then, we also went to Leeward / Pelican beach. This one also had the white sand and turquoise water like every other beach in Provo. I personally loved both leeward and grace bay more than any other beach in Provo.

Surprisingly, I got bored of shopping in the island. Did not like anything other than the souvenirs. 

For the last day of our trip, I just had one mission in mind: Floating in water with Lime. While Lemon did all swimming and snorkeling. I on the other hand got all aquaphobic. Tubes wouldn’t help me as well. So, I usually opted out all water activities. But this time, besides snorkeling, Lemon also insisted that I at least try the Tube.. So, I did it finally.. in Sapodilla Bay! Next time around, I am planning to take a water noodle to help me float. Let’s wait and see how well I do it next time.

Oh, we also met a lot of nice people in TCI. Mostly those were the ones who took our photos. One of them was from Italy, the other came from Colorado to escape the cold just like us and then another came from England to visit their daughter who lived in TCI. It was so nice to know about people.. everyone had a different story but we all loved TCI.

What more do I say? I had a wonderful time standing beneath the bright blue sky surrounded by turquoise water and white sand everyday. All I know now is that I am dazzled by turquoise and aquamarine water and the sparkling white sand. I even remember telling Lemon that I wouldn’t mind dying there. For which he just laughed and said ‘We are not coming back here again. We have so many other places to see in the world‘. Huh! Good for him. But for me, I can never imagine getting tired of TCI. Providenciales, I love you!

Some pictures…

The first glimpse of the radiant sea - Ah I loved it. I wanted to jump off.. but that would be so stupid and so, I stayed in the plane.

The first glimpse of the radiant sea – Ah I loved it. I wanted to jump off.. but that would be so stupid, and so I stayed in the plane.

Our way to the beach

Our way to the beach

This was super relaxing

We enjoyed watching him play in sand and the beach

We enjoyed watching him play in sand and the beach

It was funny seeing him talk to the ocean

It was funny seeing him talk to the ocean

Lemon and Lime - Can you spot them?

Lime & Lemon in the sea – Can you spot them?

The colors made me fall in love

The Grace Bay ~ The colors made me fall in love

Loved walking in the shore with my chweet baby

Loved walking in the sea shore with my chweet baby

My darling Lemon setting up the the camera

My darling Lemon setting up the the camera

hi5 in the ocean ;)

hi5 in the ocean ;)

And just because Lime loved the pool-like-ocean, we let him float for a while..

And just because Lime loved the pool-like-ocean, we let him float for a while..

That's Lime exploring the yellow cooper

That’s Lime exploring the yellow cooper

Look what I found in the island.

Look what I found in the island: Lemon 2 go Coffee ;)

And it was fun eating this shaved ice - Lemon, Margarita and Mango flavor :)

And it was fun eating this shaved ice – Lemon, Margarita and Mango flavor :)

Okay okay, now I will stop. I am done talking about the beautiful relaxing vacation and all that… Next post, I will come back to reality and talk about cooking, work, laundry, dishes etc! Tada!

#100happydays (Days: 11-14)


* She was born on this date and day.

* She spent most of her day-time with her Grandma while her mom and dad were busy working.

* She loved pappu-mammam.

* She would wait near the gate every evening for her mommy to return from office because she loved the cream biscuit which her mommy used to buy for her every single day. She called it ‘the-duty-biscuit‘.

* She did not like Diwali. She was afraid of crackers. Very afraid.

* Her favorite subject was Maths and she loved her Maths teacher.

* She loved visiting her cousins every summer and winter holidays. She loved playing with them.

* She used to hide behind the closet or under her bed when her music teacher came home for classes.

* She skipped most of her bharatnatyam classes due to another dance practice.

* She is still in touch with her dance teacher.

* She was thrilled to know that other countries existed in this world.

* She was fascinated with fairy tales.

* She wanted everything in her room to be red in color.

* She made a list of all that she wanted to do in her life.

* She listens to her favorite songs whenever she is upset.

* She  likes Nithyasree Mahadeven and Unnikrishnan and Kartik.

* She loved reading books. She was a regular at the nearby lending library.

* She used to visit temple daily with her BFF.

* She got married to the awesome guy in this world.

* She and her husband went for honeymoon to Hawaii. It was one of the best trips in her life.

* She started a blog and began to write all about her beautiful life.

* She has a beautiful baby boy.

* She asks for gifts and more gifts for her birthdays and anniversaries.

* She doesn’t like anyone interfering in her life other than her mom and her husband. Not even can her dad or grandma rule her. And for all the others, they have no power.

* She thinks she was a queen in her previous birth.

* She wants to visit Switzerland sometime soon.

* She longs to buy another Michael Kors handbag.

* She wants to go on a long train journey.

* She is exactly fine how she is.

* She is the best, she believes.

From the day one of her life to the teenager to the mom that she is today, she has not changed much. She still believes in fairy tales and is still the-crazy-best.

She is Lavender and today is her birthday! :) :) :)

P.S.: Lavender, Lemon and Lime are off to a beautiful vacation and this post was scheduled to be posted today!

#100happydays (Day – 10)

On job, company and much more (100 Happy Days – Day 9)

I have always dreamed of working in a big office. The brand was not so important. But the look and feel of the office environment was very important to me. I wanted no traffic in my daily route to office. I wanted my cubicle near a big over sized window. I wanted a huge cafeteria with all my favorite food. I wanted the office to have machines that brew Indian coffee. I wanted it to be near my home. I wanted it to be spacious. I wanted it all.

Okay, with all this dream in mind, I wanted a full time job somewhere near my home. What do people normally do when they want a job? They search in all possible job sites or contact a recruiter, right? You know what I did? I google searched all possible companies in and around my area first. Then, I searched for all the company images to see which one would have at least some of the things that I dreamed of. After all, I would be spending most of my days there, I better like the environment, right? Right!

The moment I told Lemon about all this, he doubted if I would ever find a job. ‘Are you stupid? Who cares about any of these things? These days getting a job is more important’, he said. Whatever, if I do not like the place, I will not take it was my thought! Period.

And I hated contacting recruiters. They act like sales men/ women. They do their best to sell any job to anyone. Sometimes, I do feel like getting inside the phone and punching them since they do not understand what I want or know what I am capable of.

And then, I thought about freelancing. It would work for some. In the freelancing world you must do a lot of waiting though. And, I do hate chasing people for money. I don’t trust anyone and what if I dont get my paycheck at all?

Work from home? Again it might work for some. But how do those people manage all the distractions? I find it hard to write my assignments at home. Attempting to study at home seems to be futile process. May be a cup of coffee might help?

Anyways, back to reality. I have completed 6 months in my new job now. It has been super duper busy with all work, Lime and the MBA. I am occupied 24/7. But I cannot give up writing. So, what I am doing these days is dedicating some time everyday to my blog. Especially my lunch hours.

Spending all this time in a new role, I think I have been maturing enough in a different way and learning a lot in life. The team, the environment, the work is all interesting and am happy choosing this place.

I read somewhere that you should find a job where you would love the work, like the people and can’t wait to get back to work. The new office neither has a great infrastructure nor a great cafeteria. But I am definitely happy in my new role and so I think some of what that someone said has actually become true. Now, let me see how all this goes.


And this happens everyday (100 Happy Days – Day 8)

Lavender: Please come home soon.
Lemon: Why?
Lavender: Can you cook today?
Lemon: Why?
Lavender: I am bored.
Lemon: Why?
Lavender: I hate you.
Lemon: Why?
Lavender: Chi poda.
Lemon: Where?

Lavender: **fumes**

Why? Why is he like this? I hate those stupid replies. Period.


And then when this happens…

Lemon: Eat this. Okay okay don’t cry. You want to eat this? No?
Lime: *cries non-stop*
Lavender: *gives him water*
Lime: *drinks water and stops crying*
Lemon: Sleep time. Sleep! Sleep!
Lime: *cries non-stop*
Lavender: *changes his diaper*
Lime: *goes back to playing after diaper-change*
Lemon: You want this toy? Play with this car!
Lime: *cries non-stop*
Lavender: *gives him paper and pen to scribble*
Lime: *stops crying*
Lemon: *hugs and kisses Lime*
Lime: *cries. cries. cries.*
Lavender: *hugs him once*
Lime: *stops crying*

… Lavender is happy! 

Ha ha! How I love this. Poor Lemon! :P